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  • If you only knew the truth.

  • I wouldn't believe you, no matter what you said.

  • You'd say anything now to get what you want.

  • You want to feel sorry for yourself, don't you?

  • There's so much at stake.

  • All you think of is your own feeling.

  • One woman has hurt you,

  • And you take your revenge on the whole world.

  • You're a coward and a weakling.

  • No. No, richard. I'm sorry.

  • I'm sorry, but you are our last hope.

  • If you don't help us,

  • Victor laszlo will die in casablanca.

  • What of it? I'm going to die in casablanca.

  • It's a good spot for it.

  • Now, if you--

  • All right, I tried to reason with you.

  • I tried everything.

  • Now I want those letters.

  • Get them for me.

  • I don't have to. I got them right here.

  • Put them on the table.

  • No.

  • For the last time, put them on the table.

  • If laszlo and the cause mean so much to you,

  • You won't stop at anything.

  • All right. I'll make it easier for you.

  • Go ahead and shoot.

  • You'll be doing me a favor.

  • Richard.

  • I tried to stay away.

  • I thought I would never see you again,

  • That you were out of my life.

  • The day you left paris...

If you only knew the truth.


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カサブランカ (4/6) Movie CLIP - I Still Love You (1942) HD (Casablanca (4/6) Movie CLIP - I Still Love You (1942) HD)

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