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  • This is the end of the chase.

  • 20,000 francs says it isn't.

  • Is that a serious offer?

  • I just paid out 20. I'd like it back.

  • Make it 10.

  • I'm only a poor, corrupt official.

  • Ok.

  • Done. No matter how clever he is,

  • He still needs an exit visa.

  • I should say 2. Why 2?

  • He's traveling with a lady.

  • He'll take one.

  • I think not. I've seen the lady.

  • If he didn't leave her in marseilles,

  • He certainly won't leave her in casablanca.

  • Maybe he's not quite as romantic as you are.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • There's no exit visa for him.

  • Louis, whatever gave you the impression

  • That I'd be interested in helping laszlo escape?

  • Because I suspect that under that cynical shell,

  • You're at heart a sentimentalist.

  • Laugh if you will,

  • But I'm familiar with your record.

  • Let me point out just 2 items.

  • In 1935, you ran guns to ethiopia.

  • In 1936, you fought in Spain

  • On the loyalist side.

  • I got well paid for it on both occasions.

  • The winning side

  • Would have paid you much better.

  • Maybe.

  • It seems you're determined to keep laszlo here.

  • I have my orders.

  • I see. Gestapo spank.

  • You overestimate the influence

  • Of the gestapo.

  • I don't interfere with them.

This is the end of the chase.


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カサブランカ (1/6) Movie CLIP - 秘密のセンチメンタリスト (1942) HD (Casablanca (1/6) Movie CLIP - Secret Sentimentalist (1942) HD)

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