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(Finebros) Today you're gonna be eating this.
Oh no.
(cloche rattling)
No. Is this alive?
(sighs in relief) It's an egg.
It's an egg!
Do we get to eat it scrambled?
It looks like an egg, but what kind of egg?
Like, rotten egg, right? It looks like it.
Why is it all spotted?
Is this a quail egg?
I don't know what they look like, but I'm pretty sure that's the only other egg that you should be allowed to eat.
That actually looks pretty good, to be truthful.
Something... inside of it.
Something... suspicious.
(Finebros) And now you get to eat it.
(perplexed) What? Wait.
What the heck?
(queasily) Oh, this is not good.
That not an egg. That's a monster.
(gags, coughs)
It looks like really, really, really old eggs.
It's, like, maybe two years.
(sighing) Okay. I'm ready to eat it.
Just give me a fork.
Okay, that was really gross.
(gags) That tastes so bad.
(spits) Ew.
(whimpers) It's gross.
It's actually really good.
I think it's actually pretty good.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
It's on my teeth. It got on my teeth.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
It tastes like egg that didn't know how to be an egg.
I almost threw up. This is so bad.
The outside actually tastes like an actual egg.
But, like, the inside doesn't at all.
It tastes like poop.
Seriously. What is this? Who eats it?
It's so bland and flavorless!
(Finebros) You just tried a century egg,
Also called a hundred-year-old egg.
No!!! It's a hundred year old?
It's older than me?
Let me get this straight.
You guys just made me eat an egg that was 100 years old?
So this is like a rotten egg?
What? This is rotten?!
(Finebros) Century eggs are preserved in a solution combining ingredients like salt and clay, creating a jellylike texture and altering the color and flavor.
Despite its name, century eggs are usually only preserved for a few weeks to a few months.
How is that... how does that turn into this?
Is that even good for you?
I'm not sure how it's edible, but it's awesome.
Well, that's better than 100 years.
A few months is going overboard.
A few weeks?
Still, are we sure we should be eating this?
Like, was it refrigerated or something?
All right, so do you recommend that people try century eggs?
No, I do not recommend that.
They taste horrible.
No, I do not recommend century eggs.
Nope. Zilch. Nada.
Unless it's an absolute emergency, then I guess.
I would definitely not recommend this.
But, you know, if you want to eat it, YOLO.
Yes, right here, ding!
(straining) Just eat it! Make your eating dreams come true!
(Shia LaBeouf) Just do it!
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Goodbye! I'm never doing this again. Bye. Bye!
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KIDS vs. FOOD #21 ~100歳の卵(センチュリーエッグ

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