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  • If you look up an image of the Earth and moon,

  • you're gonna get a picture where they're quite close together.

  • Something like that.

  • But, in reality, the Earth and moon are

  • that far apart. That is the Earth and the moon to scale.

  • Taking the same concept but for the solar system,

  • every single picture of the solar system that we ever encounter is not to scale.

  • If you put the orbits to scale on a piece of paper, the planets become

  • microscopic, and you won't be able to see them.

  • There is literally not an image

  • that adequately shows you what it actually looks like from out there.

  • The only way to see a scale model of the solar system is to build one.

  • Welcome to Black Rock Desert.

  • This is Alex, I'm Wylie, he's going to be behind the camera,

  • I'm gonna be probably making a lot of mistakes on camera...

  • We have 36 hours to measure the distances,

  • trace out the orbits, and set up a time lapse shot from up on top of a nearby mountain.

  • To create a scale model with an Earth only as big as this marble,

  • you need seven miles of empty space.

  • So that's why we're here.

  • Why did you guys come?

  • I don't have a job...

  • At this scale, the Sun is a meter and a half so about that big around...

  • We are driving right now to Mercury,

  • ... and we've arrived.

  • Venus is the same size as Earth...

  • I have the world in my pocket somewhere...

  • And Earth.

  • And this is Mars.

  • Got a couple of robots rolling around on that one.

  • Once the time lapse is ready, we'll drive each orbit with a light,

  • hopefully you'll be able to tell just how big they really are.

  • Onward to the outer planets.

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn

  • That tiny light out there is our Sun, just over a mile away.

  • The Sun is way, way out there now.

  • This is it, the edge of the solar system.

  • Right now, it's about 7 a.m.,

  • we just woke up right before the Sun is about to rise...

  • We are on Earth's orbit,

  • Wylie is over there holding our Sun,

  • cue the dramatic sunrise music.

  • So if we've made our model correctly,

  • your perspective from where Earth is on the model,

  • will match your perspective from standing on the real Earth.

  • So if you look back at the sun,

  • you will see that the model sun and the real Sun are the exact same size.

  • That's how you can tell that the proportions are correct.

  • There are 24 people in the entire history of the human species

  • who have actually seen the full circle of the Earth with their own eyes.

  • News: "Following the breakfast the astronauts went to the suit room where they donned their space suits..."

  • Cronkite: "This is Man's attempt to get to the moon..."

  • Announcer: "We have liftoff..."

  • In Earth orbit the horizon is just slightly curved.

  • When you head on out to the moon,

  • that horizon slowly curves around and upon itself,

  • and all of a sudden you're lookin' at something that is very strange,

  • but very very familiar...

  • Astronaut: "Oh my god look at that picture over there..."

  • "Wow is that pretty!"

  • You can put your thumb up,

  • and you can hide the Earth behind your thumb.

  • Everything that you've ever known.

  • All behind your thumb.

  • Not any bigger than that, way up there.

  • It's really beautiful.

  • I mean you can cry.

  • That's what I really wanted to try and capture.

  • We are on a marble, floating in the middle of nothing.

  • When you come face-to-face with that,

  • it's staggering.

  • Subtitles by the community

If you look up an image of the Earth and moon,


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