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- In the market for a levitating bed? - Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Goooood Mythical Morning! - Thank you for making us a part...
- ...of your daily routine. - Now, you spend about a third of...
...your life sleeping. So if you live to be the average lifespan, about 70...
- ...that's 23 years in dreamland. - Ish. Wow!
And it makes sense that people would be -- because we spend so much
time there -- thinking about ways to make that experience more interesting and
better. So that's what we're gonna be talking about today:...
- Cooler. Awesomer. - ...what's happening in the bed world!
Now, the creators of the beds that we're gonna share with you today are either
geniuses or completely insane. I prefer to think both. We're gonna take you
through some of the most ridiculously awesome - question mark...
- Hm. All right. - ...beds that we could find in existence.
- The first one comes out of China. - Okay.
But much like California, there's a constant threat of earthquakes.
- Oh. - So Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi got a...
...patent for an earthquake-proof bed in 2010.
- Oh. - He's still working on it, but the...
...concept is that there are sensors that detect when the ground is shaking.
- I.e. an earthquake. - An earthquake.
Not when the bed is shaking, but when the ground is shaking. And then a
trapdoor opens and basically swallows up the person sleeping on the bed.
- The YouTube channel dahirsem has an animation...
- Dahirsem?! - Dahirsem. It has an animation...
- ...that shows how this thing works. - ♪ (lullaby music) ♪
- Oh, it's a pretty bed. - Shh!
- Look at those sheets. - Don't wake him up! Don't wake him up!
- Shh! Let's float away slowly. - No, why are we leaving him?
- I wanted to see that bed! - Well, you gotta look at...
- That's no camera shake. - Ohhh, snap!
- That's an earthquake, guys. - Earthquake!
- Woop! Sucks him right up. - Whoa, what in the world happened?
And then they demolish the whole block! And, of course, now he's in a vault.
- Oh, with supplies! Water, food. - With some water and a gas mask.
- Fire extinguisher, first aid. - Two first aid kits, in case you...
- ...were sharing the bed. - So this is actually a really cool...
...idea. I mean, the sad fact is in the wake of these huge earthquakes
they're searching for people. And the chances to find somebody alive are...
- ...pretty slim. - But they're gonna just find, like...
...a storage bin. They're not gonna know there's somebody in there.
"Ah, look at this. Take this out back. Sell it on Craigslist."
Yeah, the only thing scarier than being woken up by a massive
earthquake is being sucked into a sarcophagus while you're sleeping.
Well, listen. I have some serious concerns about this, because that dude
was perfectly positioned on that bed. It seems like, what if he was up...
- ...taking a pee break... - Yeah!
...and got halfway to the bed and then the earthquake happened!
- It's like, "Oh! It's gonna close!" - What thing's gonna get chopped off?
- Oh, yeah. Probably a leg. - (stammering)
Seriously, I'm personally very concerned about it, because not only do I
...sometimes sit up and read in the bed -- my head might get chopped off...
- (laughing) _ ...but I just generally am a large...
...person. It's like an octopus -- trying to put an octopus in a bucket.
- (laughing) - I've got things hanging over...
...different edges of my bed at all times, and it's a California King!
It's like putting an octopus in a bucket with another bucket on top...
- Yeah. (laughing) - ...is basically what it is.
- Sometimes the tentacles some off. - Here's the thing: these are all...
...legitimate concerns, but they have a number of models that they've
prototyped that I think will set your mind at ease. So look at these...
- ...different options. - Oh, also very pretty.
Got some leather on the side. Shh! Don't wake him. Here comes the
- earthquake. Bam! - Oh, yeah. What about the...
- ...sitting up reading in bed on that one? - Yeah, you don't wanna do that.
- Oh, look at this one. Bam! - Okay, dang. You gotta roll...
- ...outta that one. - That could cut two heads off...
- ...at the same time. You and your wife. - This one can't hurt ya.
- Woop! - That looked pretty nice!
- Unless you had a... oh, gosh. - Now, that one looks like a storage...
The first thing that happens -- and then you look up, and then that cuts...
- ...your head off. - (laughing) Could be wrong...
...but I think they might have some safety kinks to work out.
They'll work it out. Okay, now for a bed that makes you feel like you're
actually finally entering the future: the floating bed. This is actually a
pretty simple concept. It is a magnetic bed that essentially has magnets along
the bottom of it, and then you put opposing magnets in the --
or the same charge magnets -- in the ground.
- North on north, man. - And that causes the bed to be...
...levitated. And it's actually an incredible magnetic force so much
so that they have to put these little wires to hold it in place. But you could
put a car on top of this thing, and for those of you who like to sleep
with your car, you are in luck! 'Cause it'll hold it up!
- A hover bed. - Yeah, essentially a hover bed.
So the problem is -- you're like, "Okay, this is super cool. How come...
...I don't see these everywhere?" Well, there's a little bit of a price barrier.
It's 1.5 million dollars. And I also think there might be a couple other little
barriers that you're gonna see once we show this video. This guy, Dutch architect
Janjaap Ruijssenaars, who I call JR for short. He has a video from a while
back where he talks about his philosophy and him introducing this bed.
Let's watch JR's video.
First of all, no, JR is not a giant. That is a prototype bed.
The prototype looks exactly the same as the real one. The only difference is
- the size. - Oh, I get it.
It's smaller, Link. The prototype is smaller.
- That's the difference. - But there is is. You can put your...
- ...hand under it. - The strength is good enough to...
- ...hold it up and even more. - Why is he so sweaty?
- Is he nervous? - ...four thin cables from the corners...
I mean, he's not confident in his prototype.
Well, I just feel like I don't necessarily trust this guy. He doesn't look like
an architect. He looks like a waiter at an Italian restaurant.
- You know what I'm saying? - Well, stand on the prototype, man!
- I wanna -- Does anything go on it? - And he seems like he would be...
- ...a very good waiter. - Oh, yeah.
He's the kind of guy -- I would give this guy a tip sight unseen, almost.
Oh, yeah. (Italian accent) "Would you like-a de pepper?"
Okay, so anyway, I think there are a couple of problems with the price
being the main one, but you can get that prototype bed for 146 thousand dollars...
- ...Link. How does that sound? - Oh!
And you can put your dog on it or your cat on it.
- That's an expensive dog bed. - I gotta say: I don't think that this...
...was a hoax, but it hasn't really taken off in the market. He made this video
like 7 years ago and there's no place online other than this video and a few
pictures where you can see it. So JR, please finish this. We will get it.
Lower the price. Make it $150 and we'll be all over it.
Hm hm hm hm hm. All right, I've got one that's a little bit cheaper: $55,000
- for what they claim to be the... - That's reasonable.
...most technologically advanced bed ever. It's called the Hi-Can bed, A.K.A. the
High-Fidelity Canopy. And they claim that it, quote, "decreases stress and anxiety
and introduces your home to the ultimate illustration of immediate proximity."
I'm always looking for immediate proximity. Or at least illustrations of it.
Check this thing out. Basically, you can live inside of this bed.
Yeah, look at that. So the shade's going up on this revolutionary bed.
- Oh, it does look revolutionary. - And look at that. Listen!
- "Your music." What? - Your music. See, you can listen...
- ...your music! - Are they missing a "to" in there?
- And you can surf the Internet. - Hold on, you can actually SURF...
- ...the Internet? - And watch black-and-white movies!
Listen, this projector screen comes down at the foot of the bed, and (stammering)
it's got a remote control in there. You can play your bed.
My grandma had a dresser that the end of her bed with a TV on top of it.
I think it did essentially the same this as this.
Well, it didn't look as good. This is basically like sleeping inside of...
- ...an iMac. - Well, it look like something...
- That's gonna go obsolete in six months. - ...they come up with at Apple, like...
...in Steve Jobs's absence. They don't have him there to tell 'em when the bad...
- ...idea happens. - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't poo-poo it...
...yet, Rhett, because the features include a surround sound system...
- Ooh, surround sound. - ...fully adjustable mattress, and...
- ...integrated reading liiiiiiights! - (laughing)
- You can also control... - Are you Oprah now?
- (laughing) Yeah! That was a good Oprah. - You're gonna give everybody...
- "Everybody gets a free reading light!" - Free reading liiiiiight!
Uh, the bed also controls other household items. It can make toast if you have...
- ...a Hi-Can toaster, which doesn't exist. - Hi-Can not think of a reason why...
...anyone would want that. (forced laughter)
How about this, Link? This is a little bit different.
- Ice, ice. - It's not necessarily technological...
- Okay. Mhm. - ...but you can't leave it off a list...
...of cool beds. You'll see what I'm talking about in a second: the ice bed!
Now, every year in Sweden from December to April, they build this ice hotel...
- ...completely out of ice, right? - I've heard of this.
You've heard about this. This is the first one ever, ice hotel. They do it all over
the place now. Anyway, everything is carved out of ice. All the furniture,
including the beds, are made out of ice. And I can't tell ya how many times
I've thought to myself, "Man, my bed is too soft and warm."
- Yeah. Me neither, man. - So I would like it to be...
- ...colder and harder! - Yeah.
Well, they've got you covered at the ice hotel. You sleep on this thing. You've got
a reindeer mattress. That's not a carcass. That's just like it's reindeer skin.
And then they give you this really padded polar sleeping bag that you sleep on.
Do you wake up with, like, melted booty dents?
- Uh... I don't think so. - 'Cause I'm interested in that.
No, there's no booty dents, because you are gonna be separated from it.
But the thing is this may sound like, "Okay, I don't understand why you
...would be into this," but you look at the pictures of this place...
(Rhett) It looks like that place that Superman goes to talk to holograms...
...of his parents. What is it, it's called the Cave of Loneliness or whatever...
- ...he goes to? - Fortress of Solitude.
The Fortress of Solitude, or the Cave of Lonliness. Whichever one you prefer.
- I think this might be worth it. - It does look like that, but not...
- ...in my own home, man. - And if you live in a cold climate, you...
...can build one of these in your own house. But I think the takeaway here is
there's not a lot of exciting things happening in the bed world. You should
- probably just stick with your own bed... - For now.
- ...or maybe get a waterbed. - For now. And install...
- ...some reading liiiiights! - Thanks for liking, commenting, and...
- ...subscribing. - You know what time it is.
Hi. I'm Jason from Glasgow, Scotland. And it's time to spin...
- ...The Wheel of Mythicality! - The only way that you can still...
...experience Link's wings besides looking at old pictures and watching old videos
is with the Rhett & Link bobbleheads! Available at Good Myhtical...
Whoa, actually, available at rhettandlink.com/store.
- (laughing) - That's the actual website where the...
- ...store is. - Click through to Good Mythical More.
Mobile users click the "i." We're gonna talk about a few more amazing beds...
- ...that we couldn't get to. - (Rhett) "Unisong about basket weaving."
♪ (I...) ♪
- ♪ (love something...) ♪ (snapping) - Slow.
♪ (And you know what it is) ♪
♪ (It's that classic college class on basket weaving) ♪
♪ (But it doesn't actually exist) ♪
♪ (It's just something you say when you're trying to make a joke) ♪
♪ (about collegeeeeeee!) ♪
[Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]


Awesome Beds You Won't Believe Exist

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