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What's going on everyone? It's your boy Brian, it's Ramen Adventures time!!
We're in Kasuga, right next to Tokyo Dome
This is Mensho Tokyo
I've been here a bunch
But the reason we're gonna check it out today is
it's Valentine's Day
And they have a limited edition Chocolate Ramen going on here
So what do you think? Chocolate in your Ramen?
Let's check it out! Come on!
Alright we're inside!
Now you've got your regular menu here but this is limited, you gotta search for it! Here it is..
Right here! Happy Valentine's! Can't miss it!
Chocolate lamb!
This is gonna be a weird bowl...maybe
I don't know!
Super strange bowl
Okay so, look at this
Yeah there's some real chocolate there!
So this is a spicy Lamb Chocolate Ramen
It's inspired by Toyama Black style which is kind of a regional style up in Toyama Prefecture
This is definitely a strange Toyama black, alright
You know the chocolate is not such a big thing
this is a Toyama black style so it's a really dark shoyu
It's nice! Intense!
Oooh that chocolate is like melting into the soup
Yeah the chocolate smell is really powerful but the taste...yeah not so much!
And look at this
The chashyu
You know this shop is famous for their use of lamb
and they put special spices that go with lamb
Things that kinda mask that funky lamb smell
I'm digging it!
Alright man, limited edition
Get in!
Ooooh not bad!!
Just some bitter chocolate, that spicy lamb, lot of herbs
Pretty good stuff man, definitely a limited bowl
You should check out if you're here around Valentine's Day
Yeah man, they're legit here at Mensho!
They're killing it in America right now
and killing it here! So, good stuff!!
We're out of here! Peace!!


【Yummy Japan】バレンタインのためのチョコレートラーメン (Chocolate Ramen for Sweet Valentine's Day)

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Yummy Japan 2016 年 2 月 17 日 に公開
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