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  • On this episode of China Uncensored...

  • "We are never ever getting back together"

  • Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I'm your host Chris Chappell.

  • Ah China, the world's growth engine.

  • At least according to top Chinese officials.

  • When western companies first went to China it was like...

  • "Does this guy know how to throw a party or what?"

  • But now...

  • "This Party's over."

  • Because a lot of US companies are planning to leave China,

  • or have left already.

  • That's according to the 2016 business climate survey by the American Chamber of Commerce

  • in China.

  • "Our survey reflects that one in four companies are moving operations."

  • Wow. One in four.

  • They surveyed 500 members that make up a representative chunk of US companies operating in China.

  • The survey also found that, increasingly,

  • businesses are flatlining, in yellow, or losing money, in red.

  • 77% said they feel "less welcome" in China than before.

  • Nearly 80% say they've been negatively affected by China's Internet censorship.

  • And perhaps one of the worst hit has been the musical instrument insurance company,

  • Fallin' Gong.

  • Now for years, China's economy has experienced a meteoric rise.

  • "...the meteoric rise, the rapid growth of China."

  • Which is weird,

  • because I'm pretty sure meteors don't rise.

  • But anyway, now the...rising meteor

  • is falling back down.

  • "China's economy is slowing.

  • This is a known fact."

  • Many experts think China's GDP growth data is inflated

  • even entirely man-made.

  • Oh, wait, sorry, it's not experts saying that

  • it's China's own Premier, Li Keqiang.

  • More than half of American companies surveyed said they're struggling with labor costs.

  • There are other problems, too.

  • The biggest challenge companies say they face is "inconsistent regulatory interpretation

  • and unclear laws."

  • Which I assume was a multiple-choice answer.

  • There are some other fun reasons to leave, too.

  • 52% of survey respondents say the risk of getting intellectual property stolen

  • is greater in China compared to other places they do business.

  • And 52% also say they've had trouble recruiting senior executives

  • to work in China because of air quality issues.

  • So in summary, American companies are struggling with paying people,

  • dealing with a legal system that has more holes than Swiss cheese,

  • getting their stuff stolen,

  • and also they can't breathe.

  • So for the one in four companies that have left or plan to leave China,

  • where are they headed?

  • What's that, Shelley?

  • Not back to America??

  • Mostly, to other countries in Asia, like Vietnam, Thailand, and India

  • --you know, so they can...

  • continue to exploit the low wages of developing nations for their own profit.

  • So there are lots of reasons, apparently

  • --even according to the bullish American Chamber of Commerce--

  • not to do business in China.

  • And yet still, over half of the businesses still consider China to be one of the top

  • three investment destinations.

  • They'll just do it with more "calculation and caution."

  • Right. I think it's best put like this:

  • "Fool me once, shame on you.

  • Fool, can't get fooled again."

  • What do you think about US companies leaving China,

  • and their reasons for doing so?

  • Leave your comments below and subscribe for more episodes of China Uncensored.

  • Once again I'm Chris Chappell, see you next time.

On this episode of China Uncensored...


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