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  • As the world's most populous country, it makes sense China would have the world's

  • busiest airport, and when the Beijing Daxing International Airport opens in 2018, it will.

  • With a maximum capacity of 130 million passengers a year, it will be significantly busier than

  • the world's current busiest airport [Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson].

  • To make this work, Beijing-Daxing's main terminal will sprawl over 7.5-million square-feet.

  • It’s unique starfish design was created by Zaha Hadid Architects toprovide an

  • exceptional passenger experience with minimal walking and increased connectivity."

  • The new Mega-Airport could have as many as nine runways: eight for civilian use and one

  • for the military, and will cover more than 6,600 acres in southern Daxing along its border

  • with Hebei province.

  • Construction will cost around $13 billion, and will include a dedicated high speed rail

  • line to connect the airport to the rest of Beijing's transportation system.

  • Beijing's existing Capital International Airport is already running well over-capacity

  • and has become the second busiest in the world even though it just opened in 2008. So to

  • ease congestion, it will stay open, providing the Jing-Jin-Ji super city with two mega-airports.

  • But it's not just passenger congestion that makes it hard to fly in China. Some analysts

  • say the root of the problem is that the military controls 80% of the airspace, which forces

  • civilian aircraft to operate in narrow corridors, slowing them down. That's why flight delays

  • are rampant throughout the country.

  • But that's an issue China can and will fix, because it knows that while the 20th century

  • was the century of the automobile, the 21st will be dominated by the airplane, especially

  • once faster, more efficient aircraft are introduced, making it even easier and cheaper to get around

  • our increasingly interconnected planet.

  • Thanks for watching. For TDC, I'm Bryce Plank. I’ll talk with you in the next video!

As the world's most populous country, it makes sense China would have the world's


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世界最大の空港|中国の未来MEGAPROJECTS.第3回 (The World's Largest Airport | China's Future MEGAPROJECTS: Part 3)

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