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  • In December 2015, a Polish deputy minister mentioned plans to join the North Atlantic

  • Treaty Organization’s nuclear sharing program. This would mean that Poland would be allowed

  • to keep American nukes in case of war. Although only 5 countries are allowed to possess nuclear

  • weapons, they are actually stored in more than a dozen countries. So, where are the

  • world’s nuclear weapons?

  • According to a 2015 report by nuclear policy analysts there exist approximately 16,000

  • nuclear weapons, spread out across 98 sites in 14 countries. The United States has 7,200

  • warheads to its name. But not all of those are on U.S. soil. A good number are actually

  • hosted by friendly European countries, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and

  • Turkey. In total, there are 180 weapons spread throughout these countries, stored in underground

  • vaults, accessible by the US, or with their permission. This practice of placing nuclear

  • weapons around the world is known asnuclear sharing”.

  • So, what’s the point of nuclear sharing? Well, it extends what’s called the nuclear

  • umbrella. This is when a nuclear state promises to protect a non-nuclear state, via a defense

  • treaty. Holding nuclear weapons abroad reduces the response time in case of a nuclear attack,

  • and provides protection to nuclear holding nations. The two main nuclear umbrellas in

  • the world belong to the United States and Russia. The best example of a nuclear umbrella

  • is NATO: if one member of the organization is attacked, its fellow members are required

  • to respond.

  • However, policy analysts have argued that nuclear sharing is actually antithetical to

  • the peace process. One report argued that long-range weapons have replaced the need

  • for US weapons in European countries, and that the practice only aggravates nuclear

  • powers like Russia. He also says that these weapons are more difficult to guard, and that

  • they increase the risk of rogue nations developing their own weapons of mass destruction.

  • Besides being hosted in other countries, numerous nuclear countries like the US, Russia and

  • the UK, maintain war-ready nuclear warheads on submarines circling the globe. At any one

  • time the UK will have a submarine armed with 16 nuclear missiles and 48 warheads. The US’s

  • Ohio Class submarines also carry up to 24 ballistic missiles.

  • Some say that the US and NATO’s decision to share nuclear weapons goes against the

  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which specifically prohibits sharing. However, the United States

  • maintains that they alone control the nuclear weapons around the world, and in cases of

  • war, the NPT would not apply. In the pursuit of protecting non-nuclear countries, along

  • with the interest of self preservation and attempts at world power, nuclear weapons can

  • be found all over the world.

  • So how much do you know about nuclear weapons? Which are the biggest ones, and how have countries

  • like North Korea acquired them? Find out in our full playlist on the the world’s nuclear

  • weapons. Thanks for watching! Make sure to like and subscribe for new videos every day.

In December 2015, a Polish deputy minister mentioned plans to join the North Atlantic


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世界の核兵器はどこに保管されているのか? (Where Are The World's Nuclear Weapons Stored?)

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