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  • An increasing number of mobile payment options are appearing on the market.

  • But how widely are they being used in Korea,... a country known for its high Internet rates...

  • and early adoption of mobile technology? Kwon Jang-Ho looks at the numbers.

  • Instead of reaching for the wallet, more and more people are pulling out their phones when

  • approaching the payment counter. A recent survey conducted by the Bank of Korea

  • found that one in six adults are now using mobile payment services for both online and

  • offline purchases. It's a relatively new trend that's come with

  • the rise of smartphones and digital wallet services, such as Samsung and Apple Pay.

  • Over half of users said they had only started using mobile payment options within the last

  • year. Among them... 44-percent said they use the

  • service up to three times a month, and 23-percent up to twice a week.

  • Industry data shows over 5-billion U.S. dollars worth of shopping was done on mobile phones

  • with mobile payment services in the third quarter of 2015, up 58% percent from the previous

  • year.

  • Mobile banking is also widely used these days. There are over 60 million mobile banking accounts

  • in Korea... and according to the central bank's survey, nearly half of respondents used the

  • services at least twice a week. But there are still many who've chosen not

  • to make the digital leap. When asked why, they cited personal data leaks,

  • mistrust of safety features, and mistaken transactions as their biggest concerns.

  • A Bank of Korea official said more will need to be done to make Internet banking more convenient

  • and safe... so more consumers feel comfortable in adopting the services.

  • Kwon Jang-Ho, Arirang News.

An increasing number of mobile payment options are appearing on the market.


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韓国では6人に1人がモバイル決済サービスを利用 (1 in 6 people use mobile payment services in Korea)

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