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Alright, welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to
talk about body idioms. Yeah! Let’s start.
‘Back to back’ is the first one. ‘Back to back’ means one right after another.
In a sentence; “I have two meetings back to back today, I am so busy”.
The next idiom is ‘can't stomach’. Nice job, stomach.
‘Can't stomach’ means that you don't like something. Used to refer to food or just
something that's gross. Something that's really gross. “I can't stomach the thought
of eating that old pie.” “I can't stomach the thought of working with that guy another
day, he's terrible. Stevens!”
Next phrase is ‘eyes are bigger than one's stomach’.
When you're at the supermarket, or when you're at a restaurant and you see a picture
of food, or you see a food item in front of you, and you think to yourself, “That looks
really good. I'm going to get that/I'm going to buy that.” Then it comes to you
and you realize you can't eat it all. This is the phrase that we use; “My eyes were
bigger than my stomach. I saw it and it looked delicious, but I can’t put all of that food
in my stomach”. “I ordered a blooming onion one time and I couldn't eat it all.
My eyes were bigger than my stomach.”
Next is ‘a pain in the neck’. A pain in the neck. There are a few other
variations on other body parts that you might be able to use with this, ‘a pain in the…’
something else. ‘Pain in the neck’ is something that's troublesome, or something
that you don't want to have to worry about. Something that bothers you, that's trouble.
In a sentence, “I have so many reports that I need to catch up on this week, it's a
real pain in the neck”. That's a true story actually; I have to write a bunch of
reports today.
To ‘pull one's own weight’ is the next one.
‘To pull your weight’ means to do the job that you're assigned to do. You have
something that you need to be responsible for, so you need to make sure you do it.
In a sentence, “Steven didn't pull his weight at the meeting last week. I'm afraid
we're going to have to let him go”. “Pull your weight Stevens! You're bringing us
The next is the end. This was body idioms this week, so try out a few of these and we'll
see you again next time for more fun stuff. Bye!


身体にまつわるイディオム(Weekly English Words with Alisha - Body Idioms)

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