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  • The word "economy" can be seen as a bit of dirty word these days, but add the word "sharing", and suddenly things seem a little brighter.


  • However, with just 5% of the UK public alone fully understanding what the sharing economy is.


  • Here is a brief guide to what it actually means to you and me:


  • Let's start right at the beginning.


  • We've been sharing things for thousands of years, with neighbors lending each other foods, borrowing tools, and allowing friends to stay whenever they need a place to crash.


  • This isn't a new thing and with new technology, the sharing economy is enabling this human trade to grow, and enable both local and international transactions.


  • Today, there are thousands of sharing economy websites which would give you the options to share, well, almost anything.


  • For example, say you have a spare room for a week which you'd like to rent out, or maybe you need to travel across country.


  • The sharing economy means you can see who else in your city is making the same journey, and grab a ride!


  • It's not all about the money, many at the transactions that pass through the sharing economy do so without cash ever changing hands.


  • After all, the more we spend, the more we consume, and the more we waste.


  • Mankind's obsession with ownership appears to be at a tipping point, and the sharing economy is perhaps the beginning of the antidote.


  • In 2013 alone, the UK benefited from 4.6 billion pounds of savings and earnings from the sharing economy.


  • And this is only set to grow.


  • So the next time you have a room going spare, or an empty seat in your car, or a talent you think others can benefit from.


  • If you choose to share it, then you'll be adding to this new, and vibrating economy.


The word "economy" can be seen as a bit of dirty word these days, but add the word "sharing", and suddenly things seem a little brighter.


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