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  • Let me take that. This is very out-of-date.

  • Before we settle in, feast your eyes on these.

  • I'll be honest with you, Bean.

  • - I like this. - It's beautiful, sir.

  • Mm.

  • - Over here. - OK.

  • Yeah, it's a lovely green there.

  • Good, down to business.

  • I've asked Bernice to run through the order of events.

  • Dr Bean, would you join us?

  • Uh, no, no, I'll just, uh...

  • < Oh, very well.

  • Bernice.

  • Anything pertaining to media requirements

  • has an asterisk.

  • i. e., glossy stills required by some favoured weeklies,

  • that sort of thing.

  • The big day unfolds as follows:

  • our benefactor General Newton arrives at 10am,

  • then at 10.30 will be the unveiling

  • in front of all media.

  • I assume all this merchandising will be available?

  • Absolutely. From fridge magnets to frisbees, we'll be ready.

  • It will probably be about 11am

  • when the stage is set for Dr Bean.

  • Yes, right, we really...

  • We should bring in the Doctor here.

  • Uh, Dr Bean?

  • Doctor, we've inspected the schedule, and...

  • if you would just look at yours over there.

  • The General arrives at 10am

  • and unveils the picture at 10.30.

  • About eleven o'clock should be your speech.

Let me take that. This is very out-of-date.


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ビーン(5/12)ムービーCLIP - ウェットパンツ(1997)HD (Bean (5/12) Movie CLIP - Wet Pants (1997) HD)

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