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  • Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. We would be discussing about weight gain. Weight gain is really challenging

  • even for a nutritionist to handle because weight is tougher to get results in rather

  • than weight loss. If we were to assure patient of two, two and half kilos per month, we would

  • be really happy and say good job. Weight gain is a slow process, we encourage patients to

  • take high protein diet for weight gain. In fact its not about eating a lot of butter

  • or a lot ghee that people believe, if you eat lot of chocolates and ice creams and junk

  • food they tend to gain weight. Its more about a body constitution. Many people indulge a

  • lot of carbohydrates and yet don't seem to be putting on weight. It is basically their

  • metabolism that probably is too high that works far more than in any other person of

  • normal height and weight. In weight gain patients we would normally recommend things like eggs,

  • in fact there is a banana milk diet that I recommend to most of my patients which is

  • a concoction of milk, eggs, banana, sugar and vanilla essence. This does two things,

  • one, its a high protein mix, so it ends up making the patient feel hungry, it increases

  • the hunger quotient and secondly it helps them gain weight. The other thing is that

  • we again even in weight gain patients encourage them to have 6 frequent meals through the

  • day, but its all about the right combination of the foods as mentioned earlier. Now we

  • would encourage them to have about 2-3 glasses of milk per day, we would encourage them to

  • have combination of meals like if they were to have eggs, we would enhance it with probably

  • cheese, that will give them a little protein and it will get fat in to their diet. We would

  • encourage them to have granola bars or nutri bars, we would encourage them to have multi

  • grain mixes of porridge so that all the nutrients that are deficient or insufficient are taken

  • in to consideration and you know made up. Weight gain patients are also encouraged to

  • exercise not with the perspective of losing or burning out those calories, but they are

  • encouraged to exercise to improve blood circulation. Because the minute the circulation improves

  • in the body they themselves start feeling more hungry and they start eating better.

  • Lot of patients who are very lean, I mean they do have a pretty good appetite really

  • speaking but it is just about the right combination of food that really does the magic.

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. We would be discussing about weight gain. Weight gain is really challenging


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