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Erik: How has learning to play pétanque given you a new way to learn from others?
Matt: Boy, it has been incredible. You know, somebody gave me a cheap pétanque set and
pétanque is like French bocce. It's a little bit more tactical. The French pop the ball
into the air and drop it in the right spot rather than bowling the ball, and they usually
play on crushed granite. So it's all about how you place the ball and when you place
the ball, and the kinds of tactics that you have, and, of course, also the people that
you play with. Sometimes I play with folks who are negative, you know, and the things
that are coming out of their mouth and, especially, if they're a teammate of mine, it's gonna
affect the way I play. And sometimes I play with people who have an enthusiastic positive
attitude, and I tend to do really well with my enthusiastically positive teammate. I play
with a lot of French folks, it's a French game, and they are an incredible bunch of
people, sometimes playfully arrogant but just wonderful, wonderful folks. And it's -- for
these people, it's -- it's like golf, but because of the team aspect of it and the tactics
that you use, and the overall strategy that you use to win points, I think it's far more
challenging and you get more out of it. I actually get more out of it than I do golf.


How Playing Petanque Connects a Diverse Community - Matt Curtis

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