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I'm twenty seven years old.
I'm twenty five years old.
I'm thirty years old, and I still believe in Santa.
The one thing that um...
Prove it to beyond a doubt for me there was...
I live just but with a lot of snow, have a very big yard
and I remember one Christmas
We woke up, and I don't know why we went outside.
We had to go outside for something.
And in the middle of my yard
was a giant sleigh track
and in front of that was reindeer hoof prints.
and like three feet away from any directions whatsoever
So you had to like fly into the middle of the air
The only explanation's flying into the middle of my yard, and landing.
Obviously we would do the mall. Santa Claus would go, and we would tell
Santa what we wanted for Christmas
And there's one time when Santa called my dad by name.
And he said "Chris, good to see ya!"
And we were all like "Dad! how did he... how did he know your name?"
He was like "The magic of Christmas!"
He remembers.
When I was a kid, I was really anxious.
I was awake to wait for Santa Claus.
So I went downstairs to check the Christmas tree; it was nothing.
So what I did next was I went upstairs. I went back to my bed.
And I'm like "Ok. I need to go back to sleep" But of course as a kid, I couldn't.
So I would like 15 or 20 minutes like really really trying.
And you know what? I'm gonna check again 20 minutes later, of course.
I went downstairs and right in there
It was a bike, some video games and some stuff for my sister
It was the whole couch on the whole Christmas down the Christmas tree was full of presents.
And I was like "How did that happen?"
When I was a kid, we did everything we could to try to always
...catch or find Santa.
And when we did try to stay up and we did try to catch Santa.
Every time without fail, we always fall asleep.
And when I woke myself up,
because I missed him again. I'll hear sleigh bell outside my window.
When my brother and I were really little,we were fighting like cats and dogs right before Christmas time.
And I don't remember what we were fighting about, but
we were just for endless going at it.
And my dad finally said "That's it!"
"I'm calling Santa!"
And so he went to the phone on the wall in the kitchen,
grabbed it, just dialed it up. "Santa?"
"This is Randy Golden here"
"I have two misbehaved children that I need you to speak with"
And my brother and I jaws dropped.
Speechless, could not even believe that Dad got Santa on the phone that quickly.
He passed the phone to me. It's probably five years old. A scared little five-year-old talking on the phone with Santa..
He's telling me that I have to behave. We were angels the rest of the year.
So, I wake up in the morning.
And I would legit see like muddy footprints.
all throughout the floor. And they were like these big footprints. They had like some chunks of dirt.
Uh like an actual boot imprint.
So that's how I knew Santa was there.
And I still believed that reindeer landed on the roof.
Sometimes I would see actual prints, like hoof prints, in the house as well.
So I was always a little weird out that there was a giant animal in my living room.
Santa's definitely real!
He's a spirit that brings joy and can be embodied in everyone and anyone.
Santa is... what compels you to want to spend time with family, to wanna give back to the community to want to be and share your life with people that you love.



サンタクロースを信じてる?サンタさんとの思い出を語る大人たち (People Tell Childhood Stories About Santa Claus)

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