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You know the weather had been nice for a couple days and it suddenly got a bit chilly, so
I feel like this exhibition will at least let us feel more like it's springtime here
in Korea.
I know It makes me sad that I had to wear a coat to work today but hopefully the weather
will get warmer in the next couple days. But for now, I think this exhibition will help
us remember that it is spring, even if it doesn't feel like it much now.
Sounds great. And now moving on, what else do you have for us?
Well, yesterday, I gave you some previews of concerts heading our way, and today, I
have a couple of album previews for you. Take a look.
Korean jazz pianist Kwak Yoon-chan returns to the music scene with his fifth studio album.
Called "49," the album is meant to be a celebration of the singer's last year in his forties.
The nine songs offered here have a broader popular appeal than the traditional jazz melodies
of his previous albums.
To make the album Kwak colalborated with veteran artists such as drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, who's
collaborated with Sting and Herbie Hancock, and world renowned R&B singer Brian McKnight.
The life and career of actor-singer Leslie Cheung are celebrated on a new commemorative
album featuring 78 songs by the Hong Kong native.
The album release coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the death of the artist, who
jumped to his death in 2003.
The album contains 78 songs on three CDs and a DVD featuring concert footage taken from
1986 to 2000.
The album title, "Miss You Much, Leslie," is also the title of a memorial exhibition
in Hong Kong, where fans of the star mark his passing every year with displays of flowers,
candles and other tributes at the hotel where he died.


Jazz pianist Kwak Yoon-chan returns, Leslie Cheung honored with memorial album 문화예술코너2

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