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  • Uh, l'll just... fire away then, shall l ?

  • Right.

  • The film's great, and, um,

  • l just was wondering whether...

  • you ever thought of having, um,

  • more, uh, horses in it.

  • Uh, well, we would have liked to,

  • but it was, um, difficult, obviously, being set in space.

  • Space, right, yeah. Yeah, obviously very difficult.

  • l'm so sorry. l arrived outside.

  • They thrust this thing into my hand--

  • No, it's my fault. l thought this would all be over by now.

  • l just wanted to sort of apologize for the kissing thing.

  • l seriously don't know what came over me.

  • And l just wanted to make sure that you were fine about it.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely fine.

  • Do remember that Miss Scott is also keen to talk about her next project...

  • which is, um, shooting later in the summer.

  • Ah, yes, excellent. Excellent.

  • Any horses in that one ?

  • Or hounds for that matter. Our readers are equally intrigued by both species.

  • lt takes place on a submarine.

  • Oh. Well, bad luck.

  • But, um,

  • if there were horses in it,

  • would you be riding them...

  • or would you be getting, a-- a stunt-horse-double-man-thing ?

  • l-l'm a complete moron. l apologize. l--

  • This is very weird. lt's the sort of thing that happens in dreams,

  • not in real life.

  • l mean, good dreams. lt's a--

  • lt's a dream, in fact, uh, to see you again.

  • What happens next in the dream ?

  • l suppose in the, uh, dream--

  • dream scenario-- l just, uh,

  • change my personality...

  • because you can do that in dreams and, um,

  • walk over and, uh, kiss the girl.

  • But, uh--

  • Time's up, l'm afraid. Did you get what you wanted ?

  • - Um, nearly, nearly. - Well, maybe just one last question.

Uh, l'll just... fire away then, shall l ?


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ノッティングヒル (4/10) Movie CLIP - Questions & Apologies (1999) HD (Notting Hill (4/10) Movie CLIP - Questions & Apologies (1999) HD)

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