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(upbeat music)
- Oh. My. God.
- Okay, what the (beep) are we doing?
- Apparently we're supposed to shove this in here.
And then make orange juice?
- Aw, it's so cute and little.
- Why not just buy orange juice?
- Maybe this will be fun.
- Great, and now you stab this in.
- Oh, stab it.
- But it's about to pop through the bottom.
Oh, this is messy.
- You do this.
- Oh!
- It's like scraping the sides of the peel.
- I got nothing.
- I think I may have messed up.
- It's not easy. - I got to improvise.
- You're telling me Japanese children do this?
- This is a waste of an orange, let's be real here.
What we got here is a banana gun.
- The directions are in Japanese so--
- So we don't understand them.
- There's chocolate in this thing!
- Oh, damn.
- Oh, you shove the banana up in here
and then I'm going to give it like a prostate exam.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nothing weird about this.
- The thing is, this is straight
and a banana is never straight.
- Oh God, ow! I'm imagining the banana's a penis.
- Same.
- (mumbles)
- It's banana spaghetti.
- Tastes sexual.
- But why?
- Oh. My. God.
It looks like a pee hole.
- A little poop hole.
- That's pretty brilliant.
- I get it. This is cool.
This one comes with Ikea directions.
- All right, step one.
- Open beer.
- Open beer.
Step two, drink beer.
- What the (beep) is going on here?
Are we going to make ice cream at the end?
- [Voiceover] It's a slushie.
- I just spit.
- Ready?
- Yup.
- Why?
- Oh my God, it's overflowing.
- All of these have a weird sexual energy about them.
- Do they have a bigger version?
Because if you're having a party, this is taking
way too long for just one drink.
- What the (beep) did we just do?
- Because I always go like, "I wish this beer
"had more foam."
- It's (beep)ing foam.
- It's supposed to be a slushie beer but either
we did it wrong or why?
- Imagine people are doing this also
already after they've been drinking,
someone's getting hurt.
- Look, Japan has brought us a lot of amazing things.
Tamagotchis, Pokemon, this unfortunately
just not one of their best innovations.
But, you know.
- Good try, though.
- Good try.
- (foreign language)
- That's what they say (mumbles).
- Yeah, that's like
- Oh, I thought they're just yelling at me.


Americans Try Unusual Japanese Food Inventions

1722 タグ追加 保存
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