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- [Voiceover] So do you guys get annoyed with each other?
- Not really. What?
- Well, you know, when you love somebody
and you see them all the time...
- Yeah.
- Things get a little bit tense sometimes.
- Mmhm.
- We've been together for eight months now.
- Eight years. - Eight years.
- We've been together for two years.
- Married for almost a year.
- It's cool, take your time, I know I'm perfect.
- I knew exactly what I was going to write.
I didn't have to think about it for a second.
- Are you mad at me?
- I mean, we're about to find out.
- She wants me to communicate more.
Talk about my feelings more.
- It's not that at all.
I wrote that you mess up the toothpaste.
He like, squeezes it.
I try to like do it from the bottom to the top
so you get what's down at the bottom,
and like, it's done when it's done.
He like squeezes the top and just like,
messes up my whole system.
- The whole place has to be clean,
but I leave like little messes.
Is that it?
Yeah, that's true.
- Have you ever seen almond milk when it dries?
It like turns into sludge, so like the spoon just,
it's so gross.
- I'd say I putz around.
- It's putzing.
- But she says like fidgeting.
Did you say fidgeting? - Putzing.
What are you even doing?
You're just moving things from one side
of the table to the other side of the table.
- No, I'm getting things nice.
- But it doesn't make me feel like you're listening.
- What? I am listening.
- Putzing is a thing that my dad does--
- It's what my dad does too.
- And my, maybe it's a fucking dad thing,
I don't know, but like, you're about to--
- I'm a what?
- You're gonna,
I said like eventually you'll become one.
- My guess is that that board it says I'm a food bully.
I'm not a food bully. I'm a good cook.
If I forget something and I give him the plate of food,
then I'm like, oh let me add, he's like
"no, food bully, I want it just like this, food bully".
- Come on, you know it.
- Snoring? - Yeah.
- Like you see this, like, she's a nice
like, little petite girl and it's just like the noises
that come out are just--
- I've actually woken myself up before
with my snoring.
- I can't say anything else without
getting in so much trouble.
- No, you won't be in trouble.
Oh yeah, that's true.
- It's great because she like, lets me know how much
time she wants to spend with me, all the time.
So I feel really guilty if I'm not hanging out with you.
- Really?
- Because you're not doing anything.
- I don't care.
- But you, you sound so sad.
You're just like, "I'm just sitting here watching--".
- Oh I'm never, oh I'm never sad about it.
I didn't know that you were reading that as sad.
I was texting you that, as in like, I've done it.
I've succeeded in being alone.
It's the best.
- Well good, then we just sorted through this then.
- Yeah, I don't care. - Okay.
- Other than that, I need to
squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom.
- Well, I learned that the cereal bowl thing is a big deal
which I was not aware of.
- I mean, I think if those are the two things
that are pet peeves in a relationship,
it's not too bad.
- I think the key to dealing with pet peeves
is to discuss them.
- I think it's like spinning it
so that everything becomes like a weird quirk of theirs
that doesn't drive you crazy.
- It's about picking your battles.
It's about knowing maybe this could
make my life a little easier.
- But, you're not going to try to change me,
and that's so nice.
- You're good the way you are.
You don't need to change.
- Great. - Yay.
- No, I still love you.
- I still love you.
(kissing sound)
- I think I got lipstick on you.
- It's fine, I'll wear it and wear it with pride.
(upbeat music)



彼氏/彼女にいらいらすること(Couples Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves)

35143 タグ追加 保存
Hsu Wan Chi 2016 年 10 月 23 日 に公開    Jennifer 翻訳    Kana kawai チェック
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