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The most common point of meeting for students, friends.social gatherings, business meetings
is a coffee shop. Am i right?
Hi everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back. Well the most common point of meeting for students,
friends.social gatherings, business meetings is a coffee shop. Am i right? And at times
when you are with someone and you are not able to order your coffee correctly you feel
a little embarrassed. Am I right? So why face that embarrassment? So in this lesson today
we are gonna look at some phrases that would help you to order a cup of coffee. And if
you love coffee as much as I do then I am sure you look forward to order your coffee
every morning. So lets have look at some phrases here that would help you to order your coffee.
Now the very first thing that you do when you walk into a coffee shop and the coffee
shop guy would ask you "Hello Sir, what would you like to have today? So the first thing
that you do is you go to the counter and say "I would like to have.. and this is the way
you will begin your conversation that "I would like to have a ..." and now let's see some
So the first thing is the size. Now most of the coffee shops follow different sizes or
serve different sizes of coffee. So, small is the small, tiny cup of coffee then we have
medium and then we have large. Now I would suggest to stick to these terms Small, medium.
large but there are some other phrases that are used in different coffee shops. Like Starbucks
do not follow these terms small,medium,large. The terms that they use are Tall , Grande
and Venti. SO, tall stands for the small cup of coffee then comes Grande which is medium
then we have Venti and infact there is another one Trenta or its trenta is extra large. So,if
you don't really care about the calories or about the money then yes you may go for a
Trenta but yes I worry too much about calories, I rather avoid to drink the Venti or Trenta.
I stick to Tall and Grande. So these are the terms that are used to order the size of the
cup for your coffee.
The next thing that you mention when you order for your coffee is the type of coffee. SO
the type of coffee that you would like to drink. Here are the most common ones that
I have put it on the board. The first one is Espresso. So Espresso when you are really
tired and exhausted and you want that instant energy then people like to order Espresso
shots. May be one shot of an Espresso or two shots of Espresso. So Espresso is strong black
coffee that is served without milk and it is highly concentrated. So its black coffee.
Another type of coffee is Latte. Latte is also espresso coffee but served with steamed
milk. It's Espresso with steamed milk. That's Latte. Now many people end up pronouncing
Espresso incorrectly. They end up saying Expresso,that's incorrect. The correct pronunciation of this
type of coffee is Espresso. SO make sure you make a note of that. So we have Espresso we
have Latte then we have cappuccino. Cappuccino is the most common type of coffee that most
of us really enjoy drinking. Cappuccino is again coffee which is served with steamed
milk and with some milk froth. That is really delicious! Milk froth I love it! So that's
Cappuccino for you. Coffee with milk and milk froth. Okay!
Another type of coffee that we have is commonly available in most of the coffee shops is Frappuccino.
Now Frappuccino is cold coffee. It is a sweetened cold coffee. Especially youngsters really
enjoy drinking this, I love it too and they also like to add,may be some whipped cream
or scoop of ice cream to it. SO Frappuccino is cold coffee and then the last type that I have mentioned
here is mochacinno another name to it which is Mocha Latte. Now, Mochacinno is coffee
served with steamed milk but the flavor is the chocolate flavor. SO chocolate syrup is
added to this type of coffee.It's regular coffee served with steamed milk but has chocolate
flavor to it. So, another term that's used is Cafe Mocha or Cafe Latte. These are different
terms for the same type of coffee which is mochaccino.
So you mentioned the size of coffee then you mentioned the type of coffee that you would
like to drink and then comes the type of milk. Now yes, there are different types of milk
as well. So of you are very particular about the kind of milk that you prefer please go
ahead and mention that to the coffee shop guy,
We have low fat, again people who like to watch what they eat and what they drink they
always prefer low fat milk. Then we have whole milk which is regular whole milk. We have
organic. Now many people are very particular about organic food. They like to eat the organic
bread, organic pulses and organic milk too. If you are particular about that and your
luck if the coffee shop serves organic milk then ask for it. Right! Then comes soy milk.
Now soy milk is plant milk which is produced by soaking soybeans. Now this type of milk
is perfect for the people who are lactose intolerant. People who cant easily digest
milk they prefer drinking soy milk because its easily digested. So that's soy milk.
And with your coffee if you are having Latte. Cappuccino, Frappuccino or mochacinno of-course
these types of coffee you gotta add milk then mention the type of milk you would like to
add. And then comes Flavor and Toppings. Many people
like to drink flavored coffee or they like to add something to their coffee so we have
some chocolate syrup many people like their coffee with some chocolate syrup or caramel.
Now I like caramel Frappuccino so if I would like to add some caramel syrup I will mention
that. So its caramel syrup that is the right way to pronounce it. Many people pronounce
is as caramel its incorrect the correct pronunciation is caramel. Then we have hazelnut, hazelnut
is another flavor that you can add to your coffee,we have vanilla and then some toppings.
Some people like to add some whipped cream to their coffee and some people also like
to add a scoop of ice cream now it depends what flavor of ice cream you would like to
have,so mention that. May be you wanna like scoop of chocolate ice cream to your coffee
then mention the flavor that you would like to have.
So this is the way you would order your coffee. lets just revise is.
You walk into the coffee shop,you order for your coffee. You say Hi I would like to have
a small cappuccino or small cup pf cappuccino with some low fat milk. I am very consious
about my calories so with some low fat milk and I would like to add some hazelnut flavor
to it. okay so that's how you would order for our coffee. Simple! AM i right ?
Now if you would also like to eat or munch on something along with your coffee then there
are various things that are available infact they are displayed in coffee shops. You have
muffins, you have cupcakes patisseries ,cookies and sandwiches too. so if you would like to
eat something along with your coffee then mention that as well. So the next time you
go to a coffee shop I am sure these phrases would be helpful to you and you will not face
any embarrassment. I will be back with a new lesson till then take care.


English Lessons – How to order a coffee in English? ( Free Spoken English lessons)

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