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  • I choose the communication class because I want to learn how to speak,

  • and in my opinion the best way for that is speaking the language.

  • My major is Sports Management,

  • and I want to be a sports marketer.

  • So I took this class and I'm very satisfied.

  • The main goal is definitely to improve the student's confidence

  • and ability to communicate in wide variety of settings.

  • Every day the topics are changed,

  • so it helps me to communicate with many students in the class.

  • We are in a supportive environment the entire time,

  • and sometimes will have them doing individual presentations to their groups.

  • I really like to discuss about any topics,

  • and you can also improve your grammar and listening skills.

  • We talk about jobs and planning for the future,

  • things that are happening in the news, politics,

  • giving personal opinion as well as working on reflective listening.

  • So that you really hearing what the person you're speaking with,

  • responding to their actual words rather than just responding to what's gong on in your own head.

  • I love watching the students develop and become excited about what's happening with their language.

  • Yes, I feel more comfortable to speak in English and to communicate with the others.

I choose the communication class because I want to learn how to speak,


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