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  • On January 18th, 2015, Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Buenos

  • Aires apartment the day before he was due to give testimony about an alleged government

  • cover-up of a terrorist attack. Reports suggest that Nisman had committed suicide but investigators

  • are treating his death as suspicious. So if he didn’t kill himself, then who did?

  • Alberto was the lead prosecutor on an investigation into the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community

  • center in Buenos Aires, which left 85 people dead. Reports suggest that Nisman believed

  • that Iran had planned and financed the attack. And just before his death, he accused Argentinean

  • President Kirchner and other government aides, of sabotaging his investigation.

  • During the inquiry into the terror attack, Nisman intercepted phone calls that the Argentine

  • government had made to Iran. It’s reported that Argentinian and Iranian officials had

  • attempted to make a secret deal which would have shielded Iran from any legal action for

  • the bombing, in exchange for oil. Nisman was due to present his accusations to Congress

  • the day after he died. A draft for the President’s arrest was also found in his trash.

  • Facing accusations that Nisman’s death was a political cover-up, Kirchner proposed legislation

  • that would dismantle Argentina’s premier foreign and national intelligence agency agency,

  • the Secretariat Intelligence. But why would the President want to dismantle

  • it’s leading intelligence agency?

  • Well, Kirchner has suggested that the agency may be responsible for Nisman’s death, claiming

  • that intelligence agents used Nisman for the investigation to blame her for the terrorist

  • cover-up, but then decided to kill him.

  • Reports suggest that Kirchner is pointing the blame at a former S.I. agent called Antonio

  • Stiusso. According to experts Stuisso was one of Argentina’s most powerful spies largely

  • due to his expertise with phone tapping. It’s reported that Stuisso helped Nisman during

  • his investigation to eavesdrop on secret conversations between Argentina and Iran. However, in December

  • 2014, Stiusso was abruptly discharged from the S.I. after almost four decades of service.

  • Despite leaving the S.I., it’s reported that the two men remained in contact. The

  • lead investigator into Nisman’s death has told reporters that phone records indicate

  • that Stiusso called Nisman hours before he died.

  • Nisman’s death remains unexplained but the formal investigation is just beginning. And

  • as more information about the government’s deal with Iran is revealed, experts are concerned

  • that Argentina might be on the verge of a political crisis.

  • Iran’s role in all this might be murky at this point, but the secretive nation does

  • play a unique role in the world. To learn more about how Powerful Iran is, check out

  • this video. And if you haven’t clicked subscribe to TestTube, nows your chance! Thanks for

  • watching.

On January 18th, 2015, Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Buenos


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