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  • In the 1920s, German confectioner,

  • Hans Riegel took the world by storm

  • with his invention of the gummy bear.

  • These delicious, bite-sized treats

  • came in a medley of fruit flavors

  • and soon had every man, woman, and child hopelessly addicted.

  • In the early 1980s, experiments involving gene splicing

  • and cross breeding led to the birth of the gummy worm.

  • But the masses were still unsatisfied.

  • Since then, scientists and engineers

  • have been working around the clock to devise a solution.

  • Something, anything to quench the global gummy craving.

  • That solution has arrived.

  • Introducing the giant gummy bear on a stick.

  • It's enough gummy bear to feed a family of six.

  • Research shows this prodigious piece of candy tastes

  • just like an ordinary gummy bear.

  • A regular sized gummy bear weighs

  • about a tenth of an ounce.

  • The giant gummy bear on the stick weighs over half a pound.

  • That's about 88 gummy bears in one.

  • Beta testing revealed that the prototype giant gummy

  • bear was too unwieldy to operate with bare hands.

  • Thus, engineers designed the portability beam,

  • known as the stick, to assist consumption.

  • It aids in preservation, allowing the bear

  • to be easily wrapped up and saved for later.

  • With the implementation of the stick,

  • the giant gummy bear has become a mobile, mess-free delicacy.

  • And the rest is history.

  • Feed your massive gummy addiction

  • with a giant gummy bear on a stick.

  • Made in the USA and available now at

  •, creators of award-winning DVDs

  • and purveyors of curiously awesome products.

In the 1920s, German confectioner,


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ジャイアント・グミ・ベア・オン・ザ・スティックの重さは1/2ポンド (Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick weighs a half-pound)

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