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  • No money involved. More important than any bet.

  • Here's the deal. We all get laid before we graduate.

  • Dude, it's not like I haven't been trying to get laid.

  • Think about when you work out, Oz. You gotta have someone there, right?

  • Someone to spot you. Someone to keep you motivated.

  • Well, that's exactly what we can do for each other.

  • I mean, we'll be there to keep each other on track.

  • Separately, we are flawed and vulnerable, but together,

  • we are the masters of our sexual destiny.

  • Their tiger-style kung fu is strong.

  • But our dragon-style will defeat it.

  • - Guys! - The Shaolin masters from East and West must unite!

  • - Fight, and find out who is number one. - Guys!

  • Come on. You're ruining my moment here. This is our very manhood at stake.

  • We must make a stand, here and now.

  • No longer will our penises remain flaccid and unused!

  • We will fight for every man out there who isn't getting laid and should be.

  • This is our day. This is our time.

  • And, by God, we will not stand by and watch history condemn us into celibacy.

  • - Amen. Yes. - I like that.

  • - We will make a stand. We will succeed. - 'Bout time!

  • - We will get laid! - Yeah! - Yeah!

  • [Cheering, Whooping]

  • Now, the sex: It's got to be valid, consensual sex.

  • - No prostitutes. That's what you're thinkin', Finch. - [Sucking Air]

  • [Laughs] Busted.

  • So, basically, prom is our last chance.

No money involved. More important than any bet.


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アメリカン・パイ (4/12) Movie CLIP - Masters of Our Sexual Destiny (1999) HD (American Pie (4/12) Movie CLIP - Masters of Our Sexual Destiny (1999) HD)

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