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  • Thank you. I'm just in time. Do you sell stamps ?

  • I think that you want the stationery store across the street.

  • The stamps we have here are very rare and expensive. How expensive ?

  • Well, let me show you, Mr., uh-- Montgomery Brewster.

  • Montgomery Brewster! I have been reading so much about you in the newspaper.

  • I'd like to see your most expensive stamp.

  • Ah ! One moment.

  • This may be the first intelligent thing he's done with his money since he got it.

  • Maybe, he's comin' to his senses, you know ?

  • What do you think ? Hey, I'm gettin' paid to take pictures.

  • My job is not to interpret reality.

  • You're a real jerk, you know that ? Ain't that the truth.

  • [ Laughs ] Hey, tell it to my accountant.

  • As you can see, the airplane was accidentally printed upside-down.

  • Of the 1 00 of these stamps originally printed, this is the only known copy in existence.

  • Baron Levitsky recently offered $850,000 for it, and I laughed in his face.

  • I'd say the stamp he bought is a considerable asset.

  • He doesn't even understand the rules yet. Let's see him get out of this one.

  • Good orning, Mr. Granville. Good morning.

  • - Here's the mail. - Thank you.

  • Is there anything else I can do for you, sir? Hold on for a minute.

  • I may want to send you to the files.

  • - Norris. - Hmm ?

  • Hackensack Bulls. [ Chuckles ]

  • "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. Best wishes, Monty Brewst--"

  • God ! It isn't an asset anymore. He's mailed it!

  • - Get Cox over here. - Right away, sir.

  • The son of a bitch.

Thank you. I'm just in time. Do you sell stamps ?


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ブリュースターズ・ミリオンズ(7/13)ムービーCLIP - モンティはレア切手を郵送する(1985年)HD (Brewster's Millions (7/13) Movie CLIP - Monty Mails a Rare Stamp (1985) HD)

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