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  • Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?

  • In this video, I’ll share with you a simple, useful English conversation

  • that you can use immediately to start learning

  • English quickly and without overwhelm. Stay tuned.

  • At the Apple store

  • Hi, how can I help you?

  • I’m interesting in buying a new MacBook.

  • Sure! Did you have a size in mind?

  • Yes, probably a 13 Inch MacBook.

  • Here, have a play on our display model. See if you like it.

  • Okay, thanks.

  • Are you looking to purchase the MacBook for business purposes or personal use?

  • Business mostly. I will be using the MacBook predominantly for my business needs.

  • We have Apple payment plans for businesses. Here’s a flyer with information on our payment plans.

  • Thanks. How does it work with repairs?

  • If you need repairs and you are under warranty, just bring the MacBook back to the

  • Apple Store and we will fix it.

  • What if it’s not under warranty?

  • Our Mac Geniuses at the Genius Bar can still help you diagnose the problem for free.

  • There is a fee for fixes that are outside of warranty.

  • The fee varies depending on what is required to fix the problem.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

  • We have special pricing for Education. You would be eligible if you were a student or

  • teacher. You would need to provide evidence of this.

  • Okay, I am going to think about it.

  • No problem. You can also order your Macbook online from the Apple Store online.

  • Standard delivery is free and won’t cost you anything.

  • Thanks for your help. Bye.

  • Youre welcome, have a nice day.

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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?


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英会話のトピック - Apple Storeで (English Conversation Topics - At The Apple Store)

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