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  • Sorry for my broken English _(:з」∠)_

  • alternative option for the eren's special attack would be defensive skill

  • Right click to generate a creature that can block attack from titan

  • another defensive skill for reiner

  • he did manage to escape from female titan's hand in official manga

  • Right click to escape if you're getting caught by titan

  • A buff effect for the Potato Girls as her special attack skill

  • Eating a potato to increase the speed of running (last for 5 second, 20 seconds cooldown)

  • Christa would be able to summons her personal body guard - Ymir

  • A friendly npc unit would take out a titan instantly, but no point would be scored for the player

  • New special attack for the mikasa - mid air dashing

  • Basically, its similar to the levi's special attack

  • But it will attack only once when the character encounter the object(titan, wall , etc.) physically

  • Zoe seems to know a lot of things about titan's body structure

  • enlarge the hitbox marker for her so that player can take out titan easier(passive skill)

  • Actually, a lot of peoples are doing it wrong while using armin's special skill

  • I will show you how to use it appropriately at the end of this video

  • Too fast? let's watch it again in slow motion

Sorry for my broken English _(:з」∠)_


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進撃的巨人同人小遊戲《巨人の獵手》建議vol.2への示唆 (Suggestion for Attack on Titan Tribute game (Special Attack) 進擊的巨人同人小遊戲《巨人の獵手》提案 vol.2)

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