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  • How to kill titan by skill(Basic)

  • "Rear Attack"-Kill titian like the lightning

  • Shot the wires at titian's rear center

  • Release wires when you are flying and use the wire again,attack

  • Useing Rear Attack with Levi's "Top Cut" can be faster

  • "Overhead Kill"-Size doesn't matter.

  • Shot wires at titian's forehead

  • Using the gas when you are flying and fly over titian's head fastly and attack

  • "Equatorial Kill"-Gorgeous dead of titan

  • Move to titan's bottom left , than distance the titan a little bit transverse

  • Shot a wire at their neck and use the gas make you can fly fastly

  • Cut their nape and make great harm

  • Skill of killing abnormal titan I - face to them dispassionate

  • DON'T scareed and dodge its attack

  • Kill it quickly when it stand up

  • Skill of killing abnormal titan II- wait its attack 4 times in roof

  • Jump to its nape and kill it

  • "Bypass Cut"--Kill titian stable

  • Shot ONE wire firstly,and shot other wire when you fly over the neck

  • Fly to its nape by little gas,Kill it

  • The titian be more smart and fastly after update ,Kill the titan with "Bypass Cut" be more dfficulty BUT you can learn the stunt:"Swallow somersault " (you can find its gif in video descriptioneasily),so don't ignore it

  • "Side top attack"- Convenient and gorgeous attack

  • Fly over the Titan by one wire in its side and use the top attack

  • It is copy from Levi in anime.

  • Some notes ,English version was written in the video description

How to kill titan by skill(Basic)


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タイタンの攻撃オマージュゲームティーチング(基本編) ([高登遊戲台] 巨人之獵手基本教學 第一次削巨人便上手 Attack on Titan tribute game teaching(Basic))

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