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MALE SPEAKER: Great design happens within constraints.
And those constraints are good because it
helps narrow your focus.
There's something about the pressure and, in many cases,
conflict that creates good things.
So in our context, the sprint is a very focused intense period
where we have a team of people coming together
from different disciplines and focusing
on solving a specific design problem.
In this case, we're doing a sprint
at a pretty massive size.
MALE SPEAKER: Too often, there's a process where one group works
on something and then they hand it to the next group.
And then that group hands to the next group,
and it gets-- something gets lost in translation.
So this is a mechanism where we can all get together
on the same page, because we're all in the same room,
and you get much more tangible results much more quickly.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Product managers, engineering,
designers-- it's really a chance for us all
to work very closely together, and to really
see product development through the eyes of others
that are on the team.
FEMALE SPEAKER: The ability to kind of leapfrog
the traditional design process is incredible.
Here is a chunk of time.
Here's a bunch of experts, and we're
going to make sure that you have everything
you need to just focus and come together and be
super successful.
MALE SPEAKER: I think a lot of people's idea of creativity
is you have this freedom, you know,
leaning back in their chair just imagining things,
and it's not like that at all.
MALE SPEAKER: Watching what was going on yesterday--
was a lot of arguing.
There was a lot of dissatisfaction.
And they had to figure their way through that.
And so today, they're actually testing their prototypes
and getting validated or changing tack a little bit.
And that's kind of the magic of it,
when you see these transitions that these teams go through.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I like it because then that way
you have kind of a go-to person in that new store.
FEMALE SPEAKER: A lot of what comes out of Sprint Week
is this intangible camaraderie that
helps us work better together.
But the second part is the projects.
A significant number of projects come to life
as is or very close to what comes out of Sprint Week.
MALE SPEAKER: What we're trying to do
here is create very high quality deliverables
that turn into real products.
MALE SPEAKER: An actual artifact at the end
that you can then take to engineering to build
or you can take to customers to get more feedback on.
MALE SPEAKER: We hope that there will be a lot of the projects
that people are working on that will get picked up
in some form or another, but there's really no losers.
When you participate in a Sprint,
you either win or you learn.
MALE SPEAKER: On your marks, get set, go!
MALE SPEAKER: There's ideas that get cross-pollinated.
People are making connections.
People are having the chance to work with others
that they don't normally get to work with.
MALE SPEAKER: Maybe they only knew each other via email,
but now they actually really know one another.
And they have insight into the things
that they each respectively work on.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Every piece together here
is bigger than the actual sum of the parts.
There's something bigger and more special happening here.


Google Design Minutes — Design sprints at scale

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