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  • Hello!

  • I’m Rob Torcellini and welcome to Bigelow Brook Farm! Were about to start on a huge

  • new project and need your help to meet our goal.

  •   I have purchased two used 26’ wide greenhouses

  • totally nearly 200’ in length. My goal is to construct one aquaponic greenhouse and

  • have it functioning for the fall of 2016. Over the years, I have created hundreds of

  • free videos on YouTube and I will continue to produce these videos to help educate and

  • maybe even provide a little entertainment.  

  • However, these videos are very time consuming to produce. Depending on the complexity of

  • the editing and number of diagrams for each video, it can take between 1 to 2 hours of

  • post-production work per minute of completed footage. Typically it’s 5-8 hours of editing.

  • Even though our YouTube subscriptions and views continue to rise, the ad revenue continues

  • to dwindle.  

  • Weve joined the crowd funding site Patreon to help raise funding to continue producing

  • videos and provide the needed revenue for the new aquaponic greenhouse. For a very small

  • pledge you can gain early viewing of our videos, access to our premium web site containing

  • spreadsheets, diagrams, and frequently asked questions, or have a permanent advertisement

  • embedded directly into a video which can’t be blocked, reaching 10’s of thousands of

  • targeted viewers.

  • The Patreon concept is very simple, you just pledge a small payment for each video that

  • we release. If it’s a slow month, no payment is made. If we produce a bunch of videos,

  • you have the ability of capping your total contributions per month.

  • As always, our videos are still free to watch,

  • but with your support, you will gain access to additional insider knowledge about our

  • operation. Not only will I produce videos about the new greenhouse, but I will continue

  • to produce videos about the geodesic greenhouse and other farm activities.

  • Thanks for your time and generosity over the

  • years and I look forward to sharing our new greenhouse experiences with you.



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アクアポニック温室 - 資金調達 (The Aquaponic Greenhouse - Funding)

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