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  • because it's so popular nowadays

  • all of a sudden, everybody is practicing mindfulness

  • everybody says they're practicing mindfulness

  • but as i said, this is hard work, i mean this is not just a concept

  • so it does require, in some sence ,a radical change in your own lifestyle

  • to carve out some time everyday to practice,

  • and I'm serious about this, non doing

  • this is so serious that it is important not to take too seriously ,and I'm serious about that,

  • so lots of humour is required

  • but it also involves, to say, in my case for instance

  • getting up early, day in, day out

  • and making time to just be

  • nothing, having no email, no phone calls, no television, no, you know, nothing

  • just sitting and, or lying down

  • you can do this sitting, standing, lying down, walking

  • but it just devoting sometime during the day to what we call formal meditation practice

  • that's hard, making that lifestyle change is hard and enormous

  • and our patients do it by the thousands

  • so it's like regular people can take to this and do, like ducks to water

  • because it's like giving your life back to yourself

  • but who's got time for this crap?

  • so it's much better to talk about mindfulness than it is to actually practice

  • because that's hard work

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke

because it's so popular nowadays


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