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because it's so popular nowadays
all of a sudden, everybody is practicing mindfulness
everybody says they're practicing mindfulness
but as i said, this is hard work, i mean this is not just a concept
so it does require, in some sence ,a radical change in your own lifestyle
to carve out some time everyday to practice,
and I'm serious about this, non doing
this is so serious that it is important not to take too seriously ,and I'm serious about that,
so lots of humour is required
but it also involves, to say, in my case for instance
getting up early, day in, day out
and making time to just be
nothing, having no email, no phone calls, no television, no, you know, nothing
just sitting and, or lying down
you can do this sitting, standing, lying down, walking
but it just devorting sometime during the day to what we call formal medi tation practice
that's hard, making that lifestyle change is hard and enormous
and our patients do it by the thousands
so it's like regular people can take to this and do, like ducks to water
because it's like giving your life back to yourself
but who's got time for this crap?
so it's much better to talk about mindfulness than it is to actually practice
because that's hard work
Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke


0407-從根本改變生活方式- Radical Lifestyle Change-Jon Kabat Zinn-中英字幕

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