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Thanks for coming back on the show, I appreciate that.
-Gorgeous as always. -Thank you! It's a lot of plastic surgery.
Uh, no. We are talking about injuries back stage.
Uh, and you said that you keep injuring your thumb?
Is your thumb okay?
I've done it a lot, yeah, umm. Three times.
I've... broken twice, jammed once.
-Why, how? -And it's like if it gets cold, I'm like hiding my thumbs from the world.
I think something bad is gonna happen.
I feel it. It's like my thumbs have memories, like terrified, traumatized.
Your thumbs are afraid of the cold?
Yeah, you know how the cold can sometimes make old injuries like flare up a little bit.
My thumbs just start like shaking, like "No, not again!".
So, yeah. You get a lot of grief from people that, people say that you don't know your way to smile to people.
-Oh, yeah. -And so that, you maybe like, maybe just your...
-What? -No, yeah. It's... you haven't heard of it?
-No, WHAT? -No, yeah, that's like that.
I mean, WHAT? That's CRAZY.
-What are you talking about? I smile all the time. - Oh my god, I'm nice, please.
Yeah, I thought you are a great smiley person, but I mean, normally you see this person.
And which is a beautiful face, but...
They tell me to do that. That's like a modely, that's what magazine thing does, that's magazine stuff, right?
-They don't want you smile. -Yeah.
They don't want you to smile at all?
So they just want you to be like...
Yeah, I blame Marie Claire.
Marie Claire is just like ruining my reputation.
No, I like it. I like this much, it's like mysterious.
No one can get in, People trying to get in your head there.
-Don't let them do it. -No, that's the plan.
Yeah, I'm just like, you have no idea.
Yeah!!!! So tell me about it. Did you ever like, freak people out by extra smiley?
Like, hi everybody, good morning. HIIIIII! How are you doing?
I did kinda do that yesterday, cos like uh, I did umm, I'm not sure if it's... it said something on the magazine.
While I was like, "I smile”, I swear. Like I actually smile a lot, it’s weird that that notion is so perpetuated.
And then so I went out yesterday and wanted to be able take a walk around New York without being followed by paparazzi.
So I went out just like, "HA! HA! HA!"
And like, it was kinda like in response cos I’ve been doing a press room for ‘American Ultra’ and every single question is:
So, apparently you think you do smile.
So I'm like, "No, I swear to you I do."
-And they're like... -I've done it before.
Yeah, I can do it, whether or not I smile at you.
Yeah! You tell them what's what, man.
But then like the next day, totally ruining my chance to take...
Wooo, we make so much money on those smiling photos and now it's like 50 people outside and just...
And then I'm like...
Yeah. You go back to your face, it's like I don't want you to make money out of this.
Once..., wow, that was a good snap there.
-Oh my god, I don't wanna mess with you, man. -Back off.
Yeah, just cracking your knuckles.
I just did an action movie, I broke my thumb three times, you'd better back off.
Yeah, I was gonna say that.



【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】クリステン・スチュワートはよく笑う!Kristen Stewart Really Does Smile a Lot

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