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  • "10) In 2002 UK resident Michael Carroll won $15.2m in the lottery. His sudden rise to

  • massive wealth was covered by the UK press - who dubbed him the king of the hooligans

  • - however, it didn’t last.

  • Among other things, he used the cash to buy legions of cars and hold demolition derbies

  • in his back garden. He was also said to smoke $3000 of crack cocaine daily and saw up to

  • four different prostitutes every day as well. In 2010 he was spotted outside a job center

  • after running out of money and in 2013 he was reported to be working in a biscuit factory.

  • 9) Before 2009 Americo Lopes worked for a construction company in New Jersey. He and

  • his co-workers had a syndicate in which they pooled money together to buy Mega Millions

  • lottery tickets. One day, Lopes found that one of the tickets had won $38.5m.

  • He decided not to tell his co-workers and quit his job straight away, lying about needing

  • foot surgery”. He also claimed unemployment benefit too to add to the greed. However,

  • a news website published his story and his co-workers read about it. They sued him and

  • the court ordered him to share his money 5 ways.

  • 8) Thomas Rossi had been married to his wife Denise for 26 years until 1997 when Denise

  • divorced him out of nowhere. What she failed to mention in any divorce papers - or to her

  • husband - was that she had just won the Lotto jackpot of $1.3m 11 days before.

  • When Thomas mistakenly received a letter addressed to her about the lottery winnings two years

  • later, he sued her for not disclosing the winnings. The judge and jury gave Thomas every

  • last cent of the haul, saying thather failure to disclose was a fraud”. If Denise

  • hadn’t lied about it, she couldve kept it all.

  • 7) UK resident Ian Galtress played the lottery multiple times with his lucky numbers, and

  • one day he won $1.5m with them. It shouldve been the best day of his life but instead

  • it kicked off a long period of frustration - he could never claim his prize because he

  • had lost his ticket.

  • Galtress and his girlfriend searched far and wide for the winning ticket, but to no avail.

  • Because he couldn’t find it within 30 days, the money got donated to the National Lottery

  • good causefund instead.

  • 6) Jose Antonio Cua-Toc entered the Georgia lottery in 2010 and won $750,000. He was delighted,

  • but apprehensive to cash it in, as he was worried about his illegal immigrant status

  • being discovered. Somewhat naively, he asked his boss, Erick Cervantes, to cash it for

  • him.

  • Cervantes claimed the ticket was his and kept all the money for himself, leading to Cua-Toc

  • hitting him with a lawsuit. After a lengthy court case, Cua-Toc won the money back, but

  • due to his citizenship status was then faced with deportation not long afterward.

  • 5) Evelyn Adams could be considered one of the luckiest people alive. She had an amazing

  • stroke of good fortune when she won the New Jersey lottery TWICE in the space of 4 months

  • in the 1980s, accumulating a total of $5.4m. She should have been set for life

  • ... However, that’s not the way things turned out. She decided to celebrate this massive

  • injection into her bank account by going to Atlantic City and gradually gambling almost

  • all of it away. Years later it was reported that she has little to no money and lives

  • in a trailer park.

  • 4) Oregon resident Christina Goodenow bought a lottery ticket that ended up being worth

  • $1m. Her method of payment was unfortunately what led to her downfall.

  • She had bought the ticket, as well as $12,000 worth of other purchases, using her deceased

  • mother-in-law’s credit card, and putting her very firmly on the wrong side of the law.

  • When the police found out, she was stripped of all the money and sentenced to probation.

  • The money ended up going straight to the police department of the city of Medford.

  • 3) British couple Roger and Lara Griffiths won $2.8m in the lottery, but just 8 years

  • later Roger was left divorced, with just $10 in his bank account. What didn’t help was

  • the couplesridiculous investments.

  • Roger spent $39,000 releasing a single that sold just 600 copies, and Lara set up a $156,000

  • salon that they then resold, losing $109,000 in the process. One of the houses they refurbished

  • to sell on burned down in a house fire, while the others sold for nowhere near as much as

  • they thought they would, due to the recession.

  • 2) When John Ross Jr. won $2m in California’s lottery, he said the first thing he was going

  • to do with the money was buy his own car. He stated “I’m 29 and I’ve never had

  • a carthere’s something wrong there”.

  • Just three months later, he had got hold of a car, but not quite in the way you would

  • expect. Ross Jr. was arrested for supposedly helping to steal a Honda Civic.

  • 1) Two unnamed brothers won the Kansas lottery in 2013 and received $75,000. They celebrated

  • by, of course, having a weed and crystal meth-fueled party at their house.

  • During the festivities one of the brothers went to refuel the butane lighters for their

  • bongs in the kitchen, but got a little bit too close to the pilot light on the furnace.

  • The house immediately exploded and when firefighters and police got there, they could see the amount

  • of surprisingly undamaged narcotics present and arrested them both for possession. Bad

  • luck, chaps.

"10) In 2002 UK resident Michael Carroll won $15.2m in the lottery. His sudden rise to


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