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  • 66 years. That′s how long it took for the presidents of China and Taiwan to sit together

  • in one room. The two will hold a historic summit in Singapore

  • on Saturday. Howeverwith no joint agreement or statement

  • expectedsome analysts believe the bilateral meeting will not generate any specific results,…

  • practical or otherwise. Won Jihyun shares with us various scenarios

  • of this meeting.

  • Promoting peaceful development across the Taiwan Straits will be the main agenda item

  • for a summit between Taiwan′s President Ma Yingjeou and China′s President Xi

  • Jinping in Singapore on Saturday. But the two leaders will not issue a postmeeting

  • joint statement or agreementaccording to a Taiwanese spokesman on Wednesday.

  • The meeting is considered highly controversial yet significant as a ChinaTaiwan summit

  • has never been held since the two split in 1949, at the end of the Chinese civil war.

  • Since then China has claimed sovereignty over Taiwan and has threatened military force to

  • counter any move for outright independence. The summit′s political sensitivity is highlighted

  • by the fact that each leader will address the other as Mister,… Mr. Xi and Mr. Ma,…rather

  • than Mr. President. While ChinaTaiwan ties have been improving

  • in recent yearsthere are escalating fears of Beijing′s growing influence in Taiwan.

  • This is perhaps highlighted by expectations that Ma′s partyoften criticized for

  • leaning toward Chinais expected to lose in the upcoming Taiwan′s presidential elections.

  • While some experts say the summit is historic and symbolicthey suggest it holds political

  • risk as well. Professor June Dreyer from the University

  • of Miami says there is possibility of large scale protest in Taiwan if Ma makes any remarks

  • that hurt Taiwan′s independence. Meanwhilevisiting professor Tung Junyuan

  • at UC Berkeley says the summit will hold no burdens for China′s president as it′s

  • being held behind closeddoorsand is likely to fall short of generating any practical

  • and specific results. Connie KimArirang News.

66 years. That′s how long it took for the presidents of China and Taiwan to sit together


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中国と台湾は土曜日にシンガポールで歴史的なサミットを開催するために、중국-대만,1949年 (China and Taiwan to hold historic summit in Singapore on Saturday 중국-대만, 1949년)

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