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(male announcer) Teaching Center is brought to you by BMW.
The ultimate driving machine.
[upbeat rock music]
♪ ♪
Hello and welcome to Teaching Center.
I'm Boyd Maxwell, with today's top stories
from the exciting world of teaching.
And I'm Perry Schmidt.
Well, now we know.
The long awaited announcement by star English teacher
Ruby Ruhf has sent teaching fans across the nation into a frenzy.
I've enjoyed my time in Ohio very much,
but I'm pleased to announce that I'm taking my talents
back to New York City. Thank you very much.
Apparently, PS431 has made Ruby an offer she couldn't refuse.
$80 million guaranteed over six years,
with another $40 million in incentives
based on test scores.
This salary puts her right up there
with Rockridge Elementary's Katie Hope
and William Wu out of--
Colgate Magnet!
All right, let's take a look at yesterday's
high school teacher draft from Radio City Music Hall,
where Central Rapids High,
recipient of the worst test scores last semester,
made the first pick that was no surprise to anyone.
[all cheering]
For the first pick, Central Rapids High takes...
calculus teacher Mike Yoast from Tulsa Teacher's College.
[all cheering]
(Key) And just like that, you're a millionaire. Ha ha.
(Peele) Mike Yoast is an unbelievable story,
his father living from paycheck to paycheck
as a humble pro football player.
Kid was a natural mathlete.
You know he's gonna buy his mom a house.
- Oh, you know this. - Oh, there's no way
- around that. - [laughs]
You owe your mom. [laughs]
(announcer) Today's highlight of the day is brought to you
by the 100% Black Angus Beef Thickburger
on a fresh-baked bun from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's.
Now it's time for the highlight of the day.
[rock music]
Star history teacher Ashley Ferguson has been
running up them test scores over at Vinz Clortho High.
- Okay. - Whoo.
Confederate forces fired first.
Can anyone tell me where this battle took place?
Now, look at this.
She looks left, then right,
looks past the students with their arms up in the air,
- spots Max near the back... (Key) Whoo.
Sees that even though his hand isn't up, he's engaged.
It was Fort Sumter?
That's right.
Oh, come on. See what she did there?
She's bringing a introvert into the discussion, y'all.
That's a teacher of the year play right there.
That's right, Boyd. You know, the confidence gained
by Max by answering that question correctly
will enhance his performance throughout the rest of the year.
No doubt. Coming up after the break,
Mayfield Prep trades French teacher Janeane Lowe
to Skyline High for a head librarian
and two lunch ladies to be named later.
And we'll get the inside scoop on the impending
- teacher's strike that could... - Uh-oh.
Cripple the season.
Next up, on Teaching Center.
[rock music]
[dramatic music]
(Ruby voice-over) Strength courses through me.
I am velocity.
I am power.
[school bell ringing]
♪ ♪
I am a leader, a believer.
♪ ♪
I am the force that guides.
♪ ♪
I am the gateway to what is possible,
the path to the future.
I am the future.
♪ ♪
(male announcer) The all-new 2015 6 Series is here.


Key & Peele - TeachingCenter

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