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Hi everyone, I'm Joel Eschler Producer at 2K Games Australia
Hi everyone I'm James Lopez Producer at Gearbox
and we're here to show you a walkthough of our E3 demo of Borderlands The Pre Sequel
Hope you enjoy it.
Right so we're actually going to be playing through as*Willhelm*during this playthough and we're selecting his action skill now which is his ability to spawn this two drones which is Wolf and Saint. Wolf is an attacking drone while Saint is more of a buffing regen drone.
We're going to go down the cyber commando skill tree. This one is really cool cos if fans can remember from Borderlands 2 he was just a giant loader with a head on top but in this game it's his origin story and he starts out just as a man.
You have the ability by going down this skill tree to start turning into that giant robot that he was in Borderlands 2 by selecting the Power Fist skill here and you'll see that they actually replaced his arm with this robotic one. This one is really cool cos he'll deal extra mellee damage and you can actually attack enemies further away.
and if you look at the shock absorbers one which replaces his leg with a robotic leg this allows you to shoot and reload while you are sprinting which can come in really handy.
The Meteor Slam is also really useful because the butt stomp or ground pound or slam or whatever we're calling it today, ah is really really powerful in Borderlands Pre Sequel.
When your playing at low gravity your able to do this huge amount of damage when you slam down to the ground.
That's about all the skill points we can use right now, but we're pretty close at levelling up again so when we do we're going to show you the vengeance cam which is Willhelms capstone skill beside the commander tree.
We have a look here we actually just shot an *air gizer* and when these are shot they shoot out this oxygen which replensihes your oxkit which also propells you up in the air and the higher you get the more damage you can do from your butt stomp so if you hold down the crouch button you slam down to the ground you can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies on the ground
Gizers are a great way to do a slam immediately instead of having to prime yourself for it. You can hop on one of those and immediately move of it and slam someone to oblivion if you want to.
Heres another example of how the levels are * blown * by low gravity in Borderlands The Pre Sequel your able to do these massive leaps and bounds and ah you really have a lot more freedom as a player the scope of travel has increased so much.
We're able to use the air boost by venting some oxygen your able to go even further by propelling yourself forward or even higher.
Yer and its cool that we have these abilities but they obviously come at some cost to your oxgen meter but there are plenty of ways to get that oxygen back, we've got oxygen canisters that drop from when you kill enemies, we have the air gizers we have other cracks in the ground that air can come out of.
They won;t give you that jump but they will give you back your oxygen. We also have oxygen generators and even in certain *oz kits* you could create an oxygen bubble whenever you do a slam attack.
These enemies were fighting at the moment, the Kraggens there some of the moon beasts there essentially these moon rock monsters but because this is Borderlands they obsorb elemental atrributes as well and these ones obsorb krio damage.
We have a lot of liquid methane around this area of Elpis and they have kind of inherited those abilities and they are doing cryo damage towards you.
but you have the ability to kill them but whats really interesting is that you have these guys is when you kill them they actually shatter into two smaller kraggens.
yer so you might start off with a one on one where you have a pretty even fight but as they break into smaller groups and become more numerous you might have a really big fight on your hands.
So why don't we try and show off Wolf and Saint here Wilhelm. Alright so Wilhelm just deployed wolf and Saint so these are just his two drones, Wolf is going to go out and cause some trouble.
Saint is going to stay fairly close by to replenish Wilhelms sheild as they ever drop. Now our Wilhelm player is pretty pro so we might need to get a more challenging fight for him.
You can see these beautiful ice particles with the new cryo element we have coming into the game you can freeze and shatter any enemy depending on which angle you attack these guys from they actually going to float off down to that low gravity.
In that direction. If you slam down on anyone while their frozen your actually going to split them in half and watch their ice chunks float off
Yer that's really cool because the way they shatter is always customised to the way you actually hit them. So it never really gets old it, it always different each time which is really fun.
Our current objective in this particular level is to redirect some liquid methane, we need to get to the *Drakings Birg* which is this derilict Dahl ship which we've been informed is a military A.I we can use.
Jack wants to build up this robots army he needs this military A.I.
So we are currently trying to reditect his methane to cool off a lava river.
Now we were just fighting a Kraggen and now you can see that some of the *scabs* are actually riding them.
Which youve got to watch our for because you've got two enemies attacking you.
And whenever you kill one of these Kraggins riders you might get a couple of little riders coming out of them.
You can see *Wilhelm* is also using these jumps pads which along with these oxygen gizers we have these dull jumps pads which are placed throughout the levels.
Some of these shoot straight up into the air and otherones kind of propel you really high and far forward.
Again if you manage to chain some of these you can get really really high and do a slam which does a massive amount of damage.
Ok some of these guys you can see that some of these scabs have some sort of orange bubble over their head which is their oxygen bubble.
That means if you crack that bubble then their going to take oxygen damage because their not able to breathe.
Which is a really cool way becasue you can do a kind of hit and run you don;t have to worry necessarily about finishing them off if your taking too much heat you can wait just for them to asphixiate.
But some of these guys also have shields and air bubbles and so there a little more of a stronger fight, so you have to watch out for these guys because they are more dangerous.
So you can see that's one of the example *Dahl* jump pads which shoots really far far forward and here we have some of the *Dahl* jet fighters and their going to fly around and try to do a huge amount of damage to you. But Wilhelm is doing pretty well.
Yes that was a spot on hit. That was really good. Ohhh no but you fell off the side.
That's ok because we have plenty of jump pads we have a lot more verticality in Borderlands now then we ever did before.
So theres not really only one way to get to this objective all you really have to do a find a jump pad or a way to jump from platform to platform.
Yer, something really great about the low oxygen it allows you to traverese these maps really really quickly and so you can make these massive leaps and bounds and you have these jump pads your able to get to one end of the map very very fast and really get an edge on enemies.
Well it looks like we've just levelled up so we're going to put that skill point in Vengeance Cannon, it's really interesting if you take a certain amount of damage Wilhelm responds with a Vengeance Cannon and can do a great amount of damage in a pretty generous amount of time of 30 seconds of action.
It can be really really powerful if you come in under the pump.
So you can see now we are redirecting this liquid methane so we should be able to go over and freeze this lava lake.
Alright so once this pipe connects we also have another route on how we can get to the other objective you could just go down to the ground if you wanted to but because of the verticality in the Pre Sequel we can actually continue along this path here.
All you have to do is make sure you have the oxygen to make the jump and then you can run along this pipe here. So there are plenty of ways to explore this map and get to pretty much any where you need to get.
It's really cool as well our level designers have built the maps so especially while your playing co-op you can have each player can approach each sites from different angles and we could have taken the pipe all the way along while athena went down via the ground and went over to the um via the jump pad.
Those people who are especially keen on the sniping should keep and eye out for these kind of opportunities because you've got a superior angle from which you can snip of the oxygen bubbles of just do a bunch of damage in general.
Yep absolutely.
So we're going to continue along this way and Athena is going to continue on the ground. And she's going to jump across the chasm here and we're going to get onto the next big fight.
Yer we should be able to ambush these guys by taking them from two different angles. Once Wilhelm finds away to jump over this. There we go.
Alright so in this area here we've got some jet pack scabs we've also got some guys there on foot. Did I actually just see that scab I killed flying off into the distance.
And he'll go on like that for quite some time. Yeah so if he has any life left in him he'll see quite a beautiful view from up there.
Oh yeah.
Ha ha ha Awesome
Oh no.... Athena's down. Wilhelm why don't you revive using the oxygen ...
You can have these cool technical decisions you can revive your down players faster with oxygen then if you just do it with the normal way, but that obviously comes at a cost... but you know, sometimes it's really good to just get them into a fight faster.
You can see we have these jet pack scabs so all of the enemies on *Elpus* can take advantage of the low gravity just as much as you can.
So if your getting protection from behind cover they can actually jump over and stomp on you and invalidate your cover just like you can then.
We just want these gravity systems to go throughout every single feature in the game. We just seen a pretty awesome butt stomp there. That's solid.
There's another one of our new vending machines we're just teasing as we run by them and see more about them later on.
You are enterting the processing plant now this is actually where you've just directed the liquid methane to.
And it's really important that it is because we're going to use it to freeze a lava river so we can form a natural bridge to be crossed over to the *Drakens Birg* in the next map.
Now this has a lot of enemies in it. Definately going to bring out Wolf and Saint
Try to use those jump pads to get height advantage of those players players as well who have stomp down.
You've just shot that scab when you did that on the ground, because of the *oz kit* that he has.
It's really cool because each *oz kit* can have bright new features on it.
Some of them will do your basic oxygen extension some will also offer elemenal attacks, some will create oxygen bubbles whenever you do a slam.
Theres alot of layers to them. It's really important to us that our gear be relavent in our option equal stuff
Obviously, these sort of varieties are actually very important to us whenever we add the ice elementals theres also representatives across all your items, you've got it in shields, you got it in grenade launch, you got in guns and we also have lasers.
Lasers support all elemental so we've added even more bazzilians of gear to support weapons.
We have an ice laser so were able to shoot this beam and freeze ray and then we can buttstomp and hopefully show this guy. Getting close.... Nearly....
Uh oh...Don't forget the higher you can get the more damage you can do.
So very close....ohhhhh can you just take out the *elf*? That's ok though. There's always next time.
So it looks like we've cleared out the enemies here. Lets try and get that methane onto the lava river. It's Borderlands though so you always have to loot.
That's right.
Just take all of them Willhelm. Ninja
You can see the Drakens Berg out there in the distance so that's our objectives we want to get to this crashed Dahl ship. To get this military AI.
Once we get that Military AI, Jack can put up into the loaders, until this point had been useless, just constructions bots basically but once we put the AI in them we'll be able to weaponise the loaders reclaim *Helios* which is the *munchelm* facility.
Right success lets make our way over to the Drakens Berg
What would Borderlands be without a bunch of big badies that you have to fight. Yep they just get bigger and bigger.
I really like that he's an Ice Dragon but he also has Lava inside of him.
yeah... I see that all the time.
Yeah it makes sense.
Alright guys that's our E3 Demo. We hope you enjoyed seeing it. Please stay tuned for more Pre Sequel news.
October 17, 2014


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- E3 2014 Narrated Gameplay Walkthrough

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