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- You take care now! - Good bye!
Mmm! All of this stuff smells so delicious!
I can't wait to have some!
- Hi SchoolB! - Hello Kevin!
- Hi Doug! - Oh hi. How are you?
Wow, what is that you're eating?
It's a berry danish from the new bakery in town.
- So is it like, a donut? - It's a delicious pastry with
a warm blueberry filling. And it's so good!
Hey, let me try some!
You're right this is good!
Hey! Save some for me!
OK everyone!
Listen up, we have a lot of things happening downtown.
Mr. Builder says they're repairing a building
and replacing some underground pipes.
Wow, then that means the street will be blocked off.
Helly, looks like we're going to need a detour.
And Roy, will you take care of the safety checks at the sites?
Of course Poli!
Amber, you and I can post the notices around town!
Now, it's time for everyone to get out there
and keep Broomstown safe! Let's go!
Let's go!
All right! You ready for soccer, Doug?
Sorry Kevin. There's somewhere I need to go!
You what? Where are you going?
Just so you know I have exactly fifteen minutes to get to
the bakery before the strawberry marshmallow
- cupcakes are done! - The cupcakes?
Wait what kind?
They're strawberry marshmallow cupcakes with whipped cream!
Well I guess we can't miss out on that.
And then at four the brownies are finished.
And after that they make cheesecake.
Finally around six o'clock
I go back for a piece of my favorite fresh baked apple pie.
with vanilla ice cream on top!
What is going on here?
Whoa! What are they doing?
But… how? None of this was here when we went to school!
Oh, goodness! I need to be careful.
There's not a lot of room here.
Good thing I'm a compact car.
I guess they're finally fixing up this street.
We should find a different route.
Maybe they're building a new post office!
Hey, you think we're getting a new video game store,
- huh Doug? - That's it!
- I need cupcakes now! - Doug wait! Be careful!
I'm mixing mixing mixing! Mixing up cement! Oh!
All right here we go!
Oh... no! Now what?
Now it's time to pour! Pour that fresh cement!
- Wait stop! - Hold on!
- No! Stop! - Hit the brakes!
- What's going on Roy? - There's a child back here!
Oh no I didn't see anyone!
Are you all right?
Yeah I'm OK!
- That was really close Doug. - Yes. It's no joke.
Construction sites are dangerous!
I didn't know. We always walk home this way.
All right, both of you, listen up! This is important.
You have to be extremely careful around construction sites.
For one thing, there's always a lot of heavy equipment
coming in and out of a construction site,
and small children can be very hard for the trucks to see.
Also, there are a lot of bricks and other materials
that pose possible threats if you're not paying attention.
Oh… we get it!
And another thing kids,
when those barriers are set up by the crew,
it makes it very difficult for cars
and pedestrians to share the road.
And that can be dangerous!
Whenever you see a sign like this one,
know that there is potential danger ahead,
and walk around the outside of the barriers or cones.
And lastly, always be extra alert
when walking near a construction site.
Your eyes and your ears will help keep you safe.
Wow construction sites really are dangerous Roy!
We promise to be careful from now on!
All right!
Thank you SchoolB!
I'll see you tomorrow boys!
Hey, we should cut down the alley!
I forgot! We need to go around the construction site.
Ah, this is much better now!
Yeah I'm glad the construction's finally over with!
- Kevin! This way! - Hold on! Wait for me!
They finished the construction in time
for the big grand opening!
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Hello, could I please have a strawberry marshmallow cupcake?
- Hey! What about me? - Oh yeah. Make that two!


Trafficsafety with Poli | #23.Things to remember around construction sites

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