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  • In light of recent events concerning newscasters being lost in the fog ofmemory

    <a href="#post_comment_1"><i class="icon-star"></i>最近のニュースキャスターが霧の中に迷い込んでいるという出来事を踏まえて... メモリーズ

  • it may be pertinent to ask: can we trust the news media?


  • For proclaimedpriest of postmodernismJean Baudrillard,

    <a href="#post_comment_3">宣言された<i class="icon-star"></i>「ポストモダニズムの司祭」ジャン・ボードリヤールのために。

  • it isn't lack of access to information that renders the news meaningless,


  • it's the proliferation of images that makes it so untrustworthy.


  • Depending on where you get your news, you'll seeevidencethat climate change is a myth, or a serious problem.


  • Enough searching reveals that Paul McCartney is really dead,


  • Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing and 9-11 was an inside job.


  • If you look hard enough you can find the contrapositive, underside, or opposite of any event.


  • These multiple interpretations don't make the world more accessible


  • the explosion of information, of events, makes the ability to understand the world nearly impossible.


  • The camera lens makes every image suspect. War is reduced to theatre, disease into telethon, hunger into magazine covers.


  • It makes the most atrocious events questionable


  • every image is possibly staged, recreated, simulated for a political end or to push a product.

    すべての画像は、おそらく<a href="#post_comment_2">staged<i class="icon-star"></i>、政治的な目的のために再現されたり、製品を押し出すためにシミュレートされたりしています。

  • There are hundreds of news channels all competing for viewers, followers, and hashtaggers.

    視聴者、フォロワー、<a href="#post_comment_4">hashtaggers<i class="icon-star"></i></a>を競うニュースチャンネルが何百もあります。

  • Media and advertising operate on the same wavelength,


  • and as a result, the line between reality, marketing, and news is nearly impossible to discern.


  • Media outlets and advertisers compete to keep people glued to their couches,


  • perpetually titillated by the explosion of content on the screen.

    <a href="#post_comment_5">永遠に<i class="icon-star"></i>画面上の爆発的なコンテンツにくすぐられる。

  • It's the selling of a lifestyle, a promise of access to the truth, as something to produce meaning

    それは、ライフスタイルの販売、真実へのアクセスの約束、意味を生成するための何かとして - 。

  • it's why reporters appear at the scene of crimes, embed themselves with military units during war,


  • and stand on the banks of oceans during hurricanesthe signs of disasters are images to be consumed.

    とハリケーンの時に海の土手に立つ - 災害の兆候は、消費されるイメージです。

  • While our lives may be utterly boring and meaningless


  • the nightly news reports that there are in fact places where things take place.


  • It sells the promise that meaningful things do happen.


  • They broadcast stories of actual events, but far from giving viewers access to the world,


  • the media creates a copy of an eventthey create non-events

    メディアはイベントのコピーを作成します - 彼らは非イベントを作成します...

  • Xerox copies of reality that are easily ingested by a society that has been trained to accept advertising, suggestion, and disinformation.


  • For Baudrillard, we're complicit in this disinformation campaign.


  • People willingly choose deceptionthe masses want to be tricked, fooled, and distracted from the reality of their lives.


  • Simply put: we prefer the copy of reality.


  • In the world of social media, we are no longer passive spectators.


  • We interact, create, and dictate newswe are the screen, the editor, reporter, and subscriber all at once.

    私たちは、ニュースを対話し、作成し、口述する - 私たちは、画面であり、編集者であり、記者であり、購読者である。

  • So dearest viewer, if Sylvester Stallone is in the Boxing hall of fame as Rocky Balboa,

    シルベスター・スタローンがロッキー・バルボアとして ボクシングの殿堂入りを果たしたとします。

  • and if people still believe the lie that wrestling is real how are we ever supposed to find out if Paul McCartney is alive?


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In light of recent events concerning newscasters being lost in the fog ofmemory

<a href="#post_comment_1"><i class="icon-star"></i>最近のニュースキャスターが霧の中に迷い込んでいるという出来事を踏まえて... メモリーズ


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