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  • (music)

  • When driving, it's crucial to always be aware

  • of what's going on around you

  • in every direction.

  • And that's certainly true when parallel parking.

  • Do you see the brown car parked up ahead?

  • Yes.

  • Imagine another vehicle parked

  • one-and-a-half car lengths behind it.

  • Parallel park between the two vehicles.

  • The driver pulls along side the SUV

  • she'll park behind.

  • Then, executes three moves as she backs up.

  • She begins by turning the steering wheel

  • to the right.

  • Then, back to the left to straighten-out

  • the car and pull-up evenly along side the curb.

  • Next, she pulls forward and parks.

  • It only takes her three moves to park,

  • limiting the potential impact on other drivers.

  • Here, the driver has pulled up alongside

  • the SUV, once again.

  • But before backing up,

  • she sees a car approaching from behind.

  • She waits for it to pass,

  • then begins to parallel park.

  • Notice that she's not just looking at her mirrors.

  • She's turned, looking directly into her

  • direction of travel.

  • To be parked legally,

  • she needs to have both right tires

  • within twelve inches of the curb.

  • Parking further away from the curb

  • presents a traffic hazard.

  • But be careful not to run your tires up

  • into the curb, either.

  • That can damage them.

  • Once you've safely parked,

  • the drive test continues.

  • Re-enter traffic.

  • After all, you'll need to safely drive away

  • from that parking spot.

  • Notice that our driver looks out her window

  • before re-entering.

  • Then, as she begins to re-enter,

  • she looks a second time

  • making sure there's no traffic

  • coming up from behind.

  • She's successfully completed the

  • parallel parking test

  • and back on the road

  • for the next phase

  • of her driver test.

  • (music fades)

  • (credits with music)

  • (music ends)



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運転試験その3:縦列駐車 (Driving Test #3: Parallel Parking)

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