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  • Tribunal of mixed Asian heritage will now decide the fate of...

  • Mike Trap?

  • Yes...yes that's correct my great grandfather was Korean.

  • (Murmur)

  • Okay! Yeah! I see it.

  • You are accused of claiming to know the best Korean BBQ joints

  • without explanation and insisting your authority on North Korean politics and how do you plea?

  • Ah...ah...guilty I guess? Might not Asian enough to do those things?

  • You're only an eighth.

  • Yeah! What is that even?

  • Certainly your father would be an Asian but your children? 116? That's nothing.That's like half a slice of pizza.

  • That's not even a snack.

  • As one eighth the love Asian heritage clearly states what you can and can't do

  • in casual conversation you may claim to be Asian around those less Asian than you,

  • but around those more Asian than you you must wait for them to ask you about it.

  • Okay! Thank you!

  • On formal documents, if there is the option to choose more than one ethnicity you must check Asian

  • If you can only select one you may check Asian but we will silently judge you.

  • However, if this document requesting diversity related scholarships you should not check Asian, but we know that you will.

  • I'm sorry. This is very confusing.

  • It's perfectly simple.

  • Can I check the "I do not wish to say" box?

  • Yes, but you imagine your grandmother looking very disappointed.

  • Okay! That's fair.

  • .Where's the panel stand on accents?, Am I Asian enough to do a broken English accent as a joke or for comedy sketch or something?

  • No. / How good is it?

  • Ah....No! no! You're not an Asian enough to do the accent.

  • but you are Asian enough to be offended by it just don't like make a big deal out of it or anything.You will embarrass yourself.

  • You're Asian enough to enjoy Korean restaurants?

  • Oh! Anyone can do that, that's not fair!

  • Don't interrupt me.

  • Sorry!

  • But you may act superior to others in a Korean restaurant, because your grandmother made better food.

  • Okay! Thank you!

  • You are expected to get really excited when you see Randall Park and stuff?

  • Oh! I would have anyway, I think he's great.

  • You are Asian enough to really enjoy anime, although, be honest, with your beard that make you look more White.

  • Yes, that make sense. I kind of agree with you on that.

  • You are Asian enough to make your own kimchee without seeming like a tweet douchebag.

  • But beware you're also Asian enough to reinforce stereotypes if you're really good at Starcraft.

  • Oh! I'm not.

  • Any questions?

  • Can I use the three Korean phrases I know, with Korean waitstaff?

  • No, that's rude / Sure, I guess so.

  • Guys, to be honest I don't even think I should be up here? No, you're fine.

  • Okay! Totally different to you guys though.

  • Now we must adjourn, so the black council can make their decisions.

  • I'm an eighth black? You are black!

Tribunal of mixed Asian heritage will now decide the fate of...


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