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What is he doing?
I think uhh, Kelly has very low standards.
Sorry, your not as good looking!
Hey everybody we're at the zoo!
Ok so I'm with Kaz today!
Just Kaz
No, no, no, no
I'm with Victor and Tomoko
and Tom
Tom from Ghost of Matsubara.
So, it's like really humid today!
As you can see, my hair didn't make it.
We're gonna see the Ikemen Gorilla.
What does Ikemen mean?
Iceman means sexy/good looking.
So, we're gonna go check him out.
And hope that the Gorilla checks us out.
Cause we're such a sexy group of people.
Ya the zoo is all to ourselves it seems.
Does it say Ikemen Gorilla?
So we're at the Ikemen Gorilla's cage right now.
If you can see him behind me..
He's just chillin and watchin.
His name is Shabani.
This is my new boyfriend.
Sorry guys, I'm not single anymore.
Shabani is, wait, how much is he?
190 kilograms.
He's only 18 years old.
I think he's married.
They said he's married, he has a wife.
He has a wife and kids.
He's rubbing his nipples.
We have to check out his what, Kaz?
His ass.
He's probably so confused!
He's probably extremely confused at why everyone loves him so much.
These are as close as I can get to rain boots today.
Look at Tomato's shoes! Look how stylish she is today
We all dressed up really nice for the iceman Gorilla.
You look so beautiful Tomoko.
In honor of Shabani she wore an animal necklace.
We're inside.
Oh! It's Shabani's babies.
Hello little monkeys!
I love them!
Oh! They're so cute!
Look! They're like wrestling!
Oh my god...you're so adorable!
No, come back!
That's a good shot! Wow!
He's like, over here!
Over here!
Look how happy he is!
This is a device where you can talk to the animals.
What would you say to a flamingo?
What would you say...
If I was a flamingo?
The vultures are circling...
They're coming after us.
They're posing for your camera.
Hi little guys!
They're more beautiful than me!
People always ask me about my big pole.
Did he roll around in the dirt or is he just naturally ugly?
Maybe that was insensitive.


私の新しい彼氏シャバーニ My New Boyfriend, Shabani ~

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Yummy Japan 2015 年 10 月 16 日 に公開
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