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  • With Korea′s advancements in digital technologymore and more retailers are using a feature

  • calledaugmented realityto make their products stand out.

  • Our Oh Sooyoung takes us shopping. Trying on clothes in the fitting room can be a hassle

  • when youre shopping. But inside a store in Garosugil , a trendy

  • shopping zone in Seoulcustomers can try on any piece of clothing within a second...

  • By walking in front of a ″magicmirrorcustomers can see their reflections wearing

  • the item of choice. They can even move around and look at individual

  • stitches on the clothes. Behind this virtual experience is a technology

  • called augmented realitywhich combines physical objects with digital graphics or

  • information.. The technology is becoming more and more commercialized

  • in Koreapopping up in fastfood and convenience stores.

  • While eating on the gocustomers can see themselves dancing with celebrities and even

  • strike a pose for a photo. Some convenience stores allow a change of

  • scenery with virtual wall displays that even cast shadows on the floor.

  • ″I don′t feel like I′m in a convenience store.... It′s a refreshing and tasteful

  • experience.″ And at this ice cream franchisecustomers

  • scan the logo on an ice cream box... and animated characters pop out onto the screenintroducing

  • brand new flavors. ″Because we use animations or graphics based

  • on physical products to deliver information to our customersthey become more interested

  • and participate more...″ Creating a fun and vivid shopping experience

  • augmented reality is on its way to becoming a new commercial trend in Korea.

  • Oh SooyoungArirang News.

With Korea′s advancements in digital technologymore and more retailers are using a feature


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拡張現実が韓国で普及するショッピング体験 마술 옷장이 현실 (Augmented reality becoming a widespread shopping experience in Korea 마술 옷장이 현실)

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