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Hello everyone, I am Niharika welcome back, well in today's lesson we are going to look
at types of tea. So, what comes to your mind when you think or talk about tea, well the
aroma, the taste, tradition or social gathering. Well, all these beautiful elements are associated
with the wonderful beverage called Tea.
So, in today's lesson we're gonna look at different
types of tea, in fact the most popular one's in the world because many people have no clue
how to serve different types of tea or how type of tea should be taken. So, that's what
you are gonna learn and let's get started. The first one is English breakfast, well English
breakfast is one of the most common type of tea that you would find in the world. Well
it was initially just called as Breakfast Tea and it was developed by the Tea master,
he was in fact Scottish tea master , his name was Drysdale, so Drysdale was the one
who developed this type of tea and in fact it is a blend of fine black teas including
the keemun tea, so why the name English breakfast, well eventually this type of tea was extremely
popular in England, so the London tea shops or you know, tea stores, renamed it to English
breakfast because it is said that the aroma of this tea is very similar to a fresh hot
toast from the oven. So, well, maybe that's exactly the reason why it is named as English breakfast
tea. And how this tea should be served? Well it should be served with milk or lemon, but
please do not mix lemon and milk together because that would curdle the milk , right?
So, either it can be served with milk or with lemon, okay. Now let's have a look at the
second one, Irish Breakfast, well surprisingly Irish are great tea drinkers, well I learned it
when I was looking for the information about tea, I didn't know that, so Irish people are
great tea drinkers and they brew their tea very strong. so, the flavour of Irish breakfast
tea is extremely robust and because of it's strong taste people tend to add sugar and of course
it 's taken with milk, but never with cream, cream is for coffee, okay? So you add milk
and sugar to this type of tea, in fact you know there's a saying among the Irish people
that a perfect cup of tea should be as strong to drop a mouse from it, pretty interesting
right? So, that's a famous saying, so yes the aroma of Irish breakfast tea is extremely
robust and strong. The next one, Earl Grey, that's one of my favourite, well Earl Grey
Tea .. there was this man named Earl Grey , who was also the Prime Minister years
ago under William four, well of course this type of tea is named after him the reason
because it's believed that a Chinese Mandarin offered a blend of black tea in order to influence
trade relations. So, that's a possibility that why this type of tea was named as Earl
Grey. So, in fact it is a mix of black tea, it's the blend of black tea and bergamot oil
and it's served plain, without sugar, without milk, without cream, it's just served plain,
okay that's Earl Grey for you and the next one that we have is the Darjeeling Tea, well
Darjeeling Tea is grown in the mountain areas of India and the high altitude , the mountain
altitude and the misty, the very gentle misty rains are perfect combination to grow this unique
flavour, or a light-flavoured tea. So, Darjeeling Tea is extremely light-flavoured and in fact
even this tea is to be taken without milk, there are a few people who like Darjeeling
tea to be served with a dash of lemon, but without lemon, without milk this tea is just
perfect, because it has a unique aroma that people love it, so that's Darjeeling tea for
you. Another type is Oolong Tea, well Oolong tea belongs to China, it was grown in China
but now it's very much grown in Taiwan and it's called as Elegant Tea, in fact it has
another name to it as well, it's also known as Champagne of teas, so again Oolong tea
has this amazing aroma, it's across between black tea and the Green Tea and it has a very unique
aroma to it, in fact the tea leaves are fermented, they are fermented to achieve this delicious
fruity aroma, or delicious fruity taste to it. So, if you haven't tried Oolong tea then
you should, because it's different and it's just amazing. The next one Green Tea , well
I am gonna explain Green Tea and White Tea together because they are pretty similar to
each other, both the tea are made out of Camellia sinensis plant, which is famously known as
the tea plant.
And they are very lightly processed so that the leaves of this type of tea, they are made
out of Camellia sinensis plant, they are very lightly processed to prevent oxidation and
they are lightest and the purest form of the teas and in fact has extremely wonderful health
benefits. So if in case you are very concerned about your health , you wanna be fit, you
want glowing skin, then Green Tea and White Tea are just perfect. And then the last one
that we have for you is Masala Chai, it's also called as Indian Tea with spices and
it is prepared by boiling water, milk and the tea of course, it's either in the form of
tea bags or tea powder and lot of spices are added while boiling this, cardamom, cinnamon,
pepper and even ginger. So, all these spices are added in order to make the Masala chai,
It's delicious, it has a very different aroma, a very Indian aroma to it and also has a lot
of health benefits, if you are suffering from high cholesterol or if you have bad sore throat
then this chai is perfect, okay so it's either called as Masala Chai or it's called as Masala
Tea or Tea with Indian spices. Okay? Alright, so this brings me to the end of this lesson,
These are the types of tea, if you had no idea well I hope this lesson is helpful to
you and now that you know these are the types of tea go ahead, make a delicious cup of tea
for yourself, I will be back with a new lesson , till then you take care.



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