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  • silence shared in words

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  • Love Is Authentic Only When it Gives Freedom

  • Love is authentic only

  • when it gives freedom.

  • Let this be the criterion.

  • Love is

  • true only

  • when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person.

  • It respects

  • his individuality,

  • his privacy.

  • But the lovers that you see around the world,

  • their whole effort is

  • that nothing should be private;

  • all secrets should be told to them.

  • They are afraid

  • of individuality;

  • they destroy each other's individuality,

  • and they hope

  • that by destroying each other,

  • their lives will become

  • a contentment, a fulfillment.

  • They simply become more and more miserable.

  • Be loving,

  • and remember: anything real

  • is always changing.

  • You have been given wrong notions

  • that

  • a true love

  • remains forever.

  • A true rose flower does not remain forever.

  • A living being himself

  • has to die one day.

  • Existence is

  • a constant change.

  • But the notion,

  • the idea

  • that love should be permanent if it is true...

  • and if love disappears one day,

  • then the natural corollary is that it was not true.

  • I want you to know;

  • love came suddenly;

  • it was not because of any effort on your part.

  • It came as a gift of nature.

  • At that time you would not have accepted it

  • if you had been worried

  • about its going suddenly one day.

  • The way it comes, it goes.

  • But there is no need to be worried,

  • because if one flower has faded,

  • other flowers will be coming.

  • Flowers are

  • going to come

  • forever,

  • but don't cling

  • to one flower.

  • Otherwise soon you will be clinging to a dead flower,

  • and that's what

  • the reality is:

  • people are clinging

  • to a dead love

  • that once was alive.

  • Now it is only a memory

  • and a pain

  • and you are stuck

  • because of respectability,

  • because of law.

  • Copyright© OSHO International Foundation


  • OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation

silence shared in words


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OSHO.愛は自由を与えてこそ本物である (OSHO: Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom)

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