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(muffled screaming) (lively music)
- I'm assuming that a lot of American alcohol is going
to be sugary, like the foods.
- Bigger, brighter, more colorful, more gimmicky.
- Bud Light with Lime.
- Oh, I might just throw up.
- It's really sweet.
- That hit the spot.
- It's like the kind of beer that I like
which is beer that doesn't actually taste like beer.
- I would drink it again and I'm going to do that right now.
- Well, very good color scheme here,
very patriotic for the American state.
- That is watery as (beep).
- Kind of lacks a little punch.
- I don't taste anything at all.
- Yeah, I like that a lot.
- This is like Four X, I think, it's iconic yet it's shit.
- Carlton Draught if you watered it down.
- Looks stronger on first glance which is.
- This looks kind of like a hipster beer.
- Oh, that does taste fancy.
- Good, good, this is normal beer.
This is how beer should be.
- I love it.
- Oh, no, no, no (coughing).
- It's not watery, so good job, America.
This is good, this should be your number one beer
not Bud Light.
- That's a (beep) joke of a can.
- Like a bogen size.
- All natural?
- What does that mean?
- Is it like a natural fountain of beer flowing,
if so, where is it?
- It tastes a bit like armpit-y.
- Tastes like water beer.
- Is there beer in this?
- Mike's Hard Lemonade.
- This looks like a Smirnoff or something,
like a Lemon Ruski.
- 5% alcohol , this is for pussies.
- I feel like I'm 16 again, not that you can drink at 16
in Australia, not that I did that.
- This is kind of piss weak.
- I've taken off Hard, it's Mike's Lemonade,
you're a (beep) liar, Mike.
- What is this?
- So big, that's what she said.
- This is (beep) lego.
- This was banned for a really long time
cause it had caffeine in it.
- Oh, my God, that's disgusting.
- Holy, shit.
- (beep)
- Oh, my God, what the (beep).
- In Australia we had something like this called The Elevate
which got banned.
I need to recreate the original Four Loko.
Well, wow.
- A hard no, no, I'm not going to try that again.
- There's a lot of government warnings on this bottle.
- (coughing) (beep)
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, shit, do we got some yogurt or something,
my mouth's on fire.
- Bring it on, I'll have another shot,
should I have another shot?
- [Person Behind Camera] You're (beep).
- I think American alcohol is...
sugary and watered down.
- It's no better or worse than Australian alcohol.
- American alcohol's fun.
- Right now I love American alcohol.
I think you guys do a very good job
at what you do, (laughing) I'm drunk.
- It's like a spicy after, I was going to say afterbirth.
It's a spicy afterbirth.
- [Person Behind Camera] Are you drunk?
- I'm not drunk.
Why would I be drunk?
You just brought me in here in the middle of the day
to try alcohol.
Spicy afterbirth (laughing).
Spicy after taste.


Australians Try American Alcohol

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