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  • >>RECEPTIONIST: Hi, this is Mr. Healey's office calling for Joyce Ming. Could you give us

  • a call, please, at 431-9989? Thank you .... that's 431-9989.

  • >>JOYCE: 4-3-1-9-9-8-9 >>RECEPTIONIST: Transom and Transom, Mr. Healey's

  • office. >>JOYCE: Oh, hello, this is Joyce Ming returning

  • your call. >>RECEPTIONIST: Oh, yes, Joyce. Um ... Mr.

  • Healey reviewed your application for the bookkeeping position, and he asked me to set up an interview

  • for you. >>JOYCE: Oh, that's great, thank you.

  • >>RECEPTIONIST: Could you come in tomorrow morning at 9:30?

  • >>JOYCE: 9:30 ... 9:30. That's fine, thank you.

  • >>RECEPTIONIST: Good, we'll see you tomorrow, then. Goodbye ...

  • >>JOYCE: Goodbye ... >>RECEPTIONIST: Yes, can I help you?

  • >>JOYCE: I'm Joyce Ming. I have an appointment to see Mr. Healey.

  • >>RECEPTIONIST: Oh, yes. I'll tell Mr. Healey you're here. Hello, Mr. Healey, Joyce Ming

  • is here to see you. Fine, I'll send her in. Mr. Healey will see you now. First door on

  • your right. >>JOYCE: Thank you.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Mrs. Ming? >>JOYCE: Yes, that's right.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Pleased to meet you. My name is George Healey. Won't you sit down?

  • >>JOYCE: Thank you, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Healey.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Well, I looked at your resume, and I see you have experience with office

  • work. Why don't you tell me a little more about yourself.

  • >>JOYCE: Well, I come from Hong Kong, and I worked for the bookkeeping department of

  • a company like yours for five years after I finished business school.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Was it a large department? >>JOYCE: No, there were only three of us.

  • My duties included typing and bookkeeping, and I would replace the receptionist sometimes.

  • After that, we came to Canada. I've been at home with my children for the last few years,

  • and during that time I've been a volunteer in the office at our community centre.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Oh, yes, I noticed that. I think I've seen you there.

  • >>JOYCE: I'm at the front desk sometimes. And I keep the books there, too. I have been

  • taking a course at the college for the past month to learn about computers and to get

  • my typing speed back up. >>MR. HEALEY: Have you ever looked after a

  • payroll? >>JOYCE: Yes, I did the monthly payroll at

  • my first job. I'm confident I can do the job. >>MR. HEALEY: Well, that's fine. Do you have

  • any questions for me? >>JOYCE: Yes, can you tell me more about the

  • company? >>MR. HEALEY: Yes, well, this is a good company

  • to work for. We have good benefits, such as a medical and dental plan and three weeks'

  • paid vacation in the first year. And the company is expanding, so there will be lots of opportunity

  • for advancement in the future. >>JOYCE: I see. That's interesting. And can

  • you tell me if this is a new position? >>MR. HEALEY: Well, no. We're looking for

  • someone to replace our current bookkeeper. She and her husband are moving out of town.

  • We're sorry to see her go. >>JOYCE: And so this is a permanent position?

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Oh, yes, we don't like to make too many staff changes in our bookkeeping

  • section. >>JOYCE: Yes, I understand.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Do you have any other questions? >>JOYCE: No, I think that's all.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Well, if that's all, Mrs. Ming, I'd like to thank you for coming in. We'll

  • let you know in a few days. >>JOYCE: Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Healey.

  • I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. Bye-bye.

  • >>MR. HEALEY: Goodbye.

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