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  • How to Make Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants


  • You don't need to completely cut fast food out of your diet when trying to eat healthy, but you have to make sure to make the right selections.


  • You will need: menu descriptions, lean meats, portion control, water, skim milk, or unsweetened tea, and fruit or yogurt.


  • Step 1. Read the menu descriptions.

    1. メニュー表示を読みましょう。

  • Avoid dishes that are dripping with sauce, deep-fried, creamy, crispy, or breaded.


  • These items are usually high in calories, sodium, and fat.


  • Opt for grilled, baked, or broiled sandwiches.


  • Step 2. Order lean meats, such as chicken breast, turkey, or roast beef.

    2. 鶏胸肉、ターキー、ローストビーフなど、低脂肪の肉を注文しましょう。

  • They'll lack extra calories, but still be packed with flavor.


  • Step 3. Remove chicken skin, mayonnaise, and dressing.

    3. 鶏肉の皮、マヨネーズ、ドレッシングは除きましょう。

  • This can save up to 240 calories and 16 grams of fat for one serving.

    こうすることで、1食あたり、最高 240 カロリーと、16 gの脂肪分を削減できます。

  • Step 4. Control your portion size.

    4. 量を調節しましょう。

  • Order regular-sized items rather than large and extra-large items.

    L サイズやXL サイズでなく、普通サイズを注文しましょう。

  • Step 5. Get rid of caloric toppings, such as cheese, croutons, and bacon bits.

    5. チーズ、クルトン、ベーコンビッツなど、高カロリーなトッピングは避けましょう。

  • Opt for healthy toppings, such as extra veggies, mustard, and pickles.


  • Step 6. Reduce your sugar intake by ordering a fruit bowl or yogurt, instead of ice cream or pie for dessert.

    6. デザートには、アイスクリームやパイではなく、フルーツボウルやヨーグルトを注文し、糖分摂取量を削減しましょう。

  • Eat fresh, made-to-order foods whenever possible.


  • Leave the fast food restaurant without feeling guilty by controlling the nutritional value in your meal.


  • Did you know?


  • McDonald's serves over 60 million people in 117 countries every day!

    マクドナルドは毎日、117 カ国で、6000 万人以上に利用されています!

How to Make Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants


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