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Interviewer: D23 man how was it? Karan Brar: Its going awesome because
inside because I am total like Disney nerd so by the way I am a geek so like don't
expect me to be cool or anything and I am kind of freaking out because I see all
these games and what not and I am just like geeking out.
Interviewer: So season 3, have you guys already started shooting?
Karan Brar: Yeah we just finished like second episode last night and I just have
to read the script for the third episode
and I cannot wait to start shooting that because our writers have written some
pretty cool things.
Interviewer: What is Ravi going to be up to?
Karan Brar: Some really crazy things.
Of course Luke, Emma and Suri get them in tons of trouble trying up crazy things
and yeah it is going to be it is going to be a party everyday.
Interviewer: It would't be Jessie without some trouble right?
Karan Brar: Yes of course I mean of course Jessie has to hunt us down and be like you
guys cant do that. What not.
Interviewer: What is your favorite part on playing Ravi?
Karan Brar: I think him doing all these crazy things.
My favorite part is panicking because he has this crazy panic moments and he will
speak in Hindi. By the way, I don't know how to speak
Hindi so and my dad has to spend like 4 hours to speak explaining these words by I
just have like an awesome time doing flip out scenes.
Interviewer: That's awesome, now for all your fans who couldn't make it to D23,
what is going to be your message for them? Karan Brar: I am sorry you guys couldn't
make it.
Next time try to come because like I hope to be there soon and I want to see all you
guys because I love my fans.


Karan Brar Interview - Jessie Season 3 (Disney Channel) (歌詞/lyrics)

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