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  • Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel

  • "Atlas" with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner

  • of

  • Very very excited today! I've been on a break trying to lose some of my European weight

  • but I'm going for win #253!

  • I've been wanting to do this eating challenge for a long long time!

  • It's one of the last food challenges I have yet to beat in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

  • I'm in Farmington, Missouri at Spokes Pub & Grill

  • Taking on their 3 lb Crown Burger Challenge!

  • Now only two people have beaten this food challenge.

  • The record by my friend Ramsey "The Mantis" Hilton is 21:06.

  • I've got 45 minutes to complete the food challenge.

  • This will be a unique challenge because it's not all beef!

  • We have a pound of beef, a pound of bison, and then a pound of elk!

  • Along with that are onion rings, healthy vegetables (which are optional)

  • but I'm going to try get those down too!

  • We've got 45 minutes! If I fail it's $35 but if I win I'll get it free, a cool shirt, and I'll be

  • up on their Wall of Fame, so lets get it started!

  • One, two, three!

  • My friend Ramsey never wastes, so I'm sure he ate all these vegetables, so I will too!

  • 18:40 switching to soda, lets get the bread down!

  • Just under 22 minutes. No record. I think Ramsey was in season when he did this.

  • The bread is very thick and has a sweet taste with lost of butter. It's going down, so lets finish it!

  • 32:54 is the official time!

  • Wasn't the record but I haven't done a challenge in a while but it was a very good burger!

  • Loved the elk and the bison! First time having those!

  • Thank you to Spokes Pub and Grill!

  • Awesome challenge! Got the $35 meal for free, a sweet shirt and my picture up on

  • their Wall of Fame, and best of all, win #253!

  • Thanks for watching!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel


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スポークのエルクバイソンビーフ3ポンドクラウンバーガー食べ比べ|ランディ・サンテル (Spoke's Elk Bison Beef 3lb Crown Burger Eating Challenge | Randy Santel)

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